Lola Colt 'Twist Through The Fire' - ALBUM REVIEW. Photo credit : Rhiannon Adam - Polaroid Photography

Lola Colt ‘Twist Through The Fire’ – ALBUM REVIEW

When London band Lola Colt made their debut two years ago with the 60s psych-influenced ‘Away from the Water,’ what helped them stand out from countless other bands carving out a similar sound was their willingness to stray outside of psychedelic’s genre limitations. By fusing Morricone Spagetti-Western soundtracks, film-noir, goth culture and touches of Middle Eastern music with driving post-punk into their music, they have created a eclectic and unique sound. Combined with promising musicianship and writing, they have made an impressive case for themselves as being a group to take notice of.

Their sophomore offering ‘Twist Through the Fire’ sees them building off of their debut and creating a more expansive and immersive experience. The music has grown heavier and menacing, and the darker mood perfectly suits Gun Overbye‘s chilling ethereal harmonies which bring to mind both Jefferson Airplane‘s Grace Slick and early 80s Siouxsie Sioux. With a somber Doors-like organ and plodding beat, ‘Gold’ builds a creeping simmering energy that songs like ‘Dead Moon Jeopardy’ and ‘Eagle’ expand into a more groove-oriented tempo.

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Elsewhere, ‘Moksh Medicine’ infuses slinky dub with Eastern influences and ‘Kilimanjaro’ is a breathtaking mix of Arabic mystique and  psychedelia. The band’s growth shines through on the near ten-minute title-track. What starts off sounding like a ‘Meddle’-era Pink Floyd jam quickly settles into a flickering slow-burn before gradually giving way to chugging motorik rhythms.

What’s remarkable about Lola Colt is how effortlessly they are able to sidestep self-indulgent and bland jamming. It serves not only as the album’s moment of triumph but also as one for the band as a whole as it sees them continuing to carve their own distinct niche from obvious reference points and making music that is both thrilling and difficult to pin them down at the same time.

This Lola Colt article was written by Jeremy Monroe, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson. Photo credit : Rhiannon Adam – Polaroid Photography

Lola Colt 'Twist Through The Fire' - ALBUM REVIEW

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