Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’

“Purpose” is Justin Bieber’s best album to date. With a new found mature, edgy sound, this album is one to remember.
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After a barrage of controversial media coverage Justin Bieber returns to silence the critics with ‘Purpose’. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes he has turned the negative experiences into a positive one. With a new found maturity he has learned from his mistakes. Blending pop, dance, R&B and electronic music with more edge than before, he’s grown up a lot and this is reflected in his sound. Sophisticated mixes and production from collaborations with the likes of Skrillex amplify these qualities nicely.

‘Mark My Words’ acts as an introspective introduction to the album, short and simple in nature. ‘I’ll Show You’, with its slow tempo and electronic backing, discusses the pressure of being in the spotlight and the problem of paparazzi. The next two tracks, ‘What Do You Mean’ and ‘Sorry’ are two of the three big dance-pop love songs on the record. Flute instruments feature in the former and electronic in the later. They share a similar tone, both being tropical house inspired with catchy melodies. ‘Love Yourself’ provides a nice change of rhythm, with its electric guitar and harmonized chorus.

‘Company’ is a real gem, with its contrast in tempo the verse builds the song. Similarly ‘No Pressure’ is relationship orientated with a more R&B approach and features an appearance from Big Sean. Continuing with the rhythm and blues ‘No Sense’ is a more melancholy tune with rapping provided by Travis Scott. ‘The Feeling’ and ‘Life Is Worth Living’, whilst not the most memorable tracks, show the more sensitive side of Justin Bieber.

‘Where Are U Now’ with Skrillex and Diplo is one of the big EDM hits on the album. Pondering on past love with its attention grabbing electronic dance style, it shows the artists vulnerability. Following suit ‘Children’ with Skrillex is a similar song, but with a more optimistic vibe. The last song. ‘Purpose’, with its raw piano and monologue about trying your best in life sends an inspirational message.

Additionally bonus tracks like ‘Been You’, ‘Get Used To Me’, ‘Hit the Ground’ and ‘The Most’ (the original song that was mixed in ‘Where Are U Now’),  appear on various editions of the album and are definitely worth checking out.

Justin Bieber has collaborated with a multitude of other talents to produce an album with memorable mega-hits as well as intimate songs.

‘Purpose’ is out now via Def Jam.


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