GEMS' Kill The One You Love' ALBUM REVIEW. Photo by Darrow Montgomery
GEMS' Kill The One You Love' ALBUM REVIEW. Photo by Darrow Montgomery

GEMS ‘Kill The One You Love’

GEMS are one band to keep on you radar, if they can continue this upward trend they have an optimistic future.
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After GEMS’ gripping 2013 EP ‘Medusa’ they have released their debut album ‘Kill the One You Love’. Staying true to their roots, they have provided more of what the fans have come to expect and expanded upon it, which is a good thing.

The duo from Washington D.C have now moved to Los Angeles and this is reflected on the album. With new inspiration and a changed perspective, the creativity has been given an even greater lease and range. Providing some truly immersive and beautiful tracks to this alternative electronic album.

The album’s initial instrumental intro track ‘Blood Runs’ sets the tone nicely and acts as a taste for what’s to come. ‘W/O U’ is very relaxing, with a punchy electronic chorus, a song about longing and love, while ‘Soak’ highlights the contrast between the bands male and female vocals with a melodic approach. ‘Living as a Ghost’ is one of the more poppy songs on the record, with a catchy chorus about feeling unattached and in limbo with life. ‘Empires Fall’ provides a melodic, soothing and hard-hitting sound, being the most rock orientated song on the album. ‘Heartbreaker’ is a slow and reflective, providing some variety and breathing room.

The second half of the album kicks off with ‘Scars’, a more harmonious and vocally focused song, emphasising the vocal range. ‘Tangled Memories’ is dark and melancholy in tone. About past regrets and pain, its use of windpipes gives it a unique identity. Whereas tracks like ‘Epitaph’ and ‘Saviour’ are hypnotic and atmospheric. The album finishes off with ‘White Light’ with its slow and deep sound it slowly fades out.

GEMS have done themselves proud, while some of the tracks don’t stand out as much as others the ones that do shine very brightly. Songs like ‘Living as a Ghost’, ‘Empires Fall’ and ‘Tangled Memories’ show what this band is truly capable of.

‘Kill The One You Love’ is out now via Carpark Records.

GEMS 'Kill The One You Love' - ALBUM REVIEW