Falling In Reverse ‘Coming Home’

Packed with energy and unique sounds, ‘Coming Home’ is certainly proving to be worth the 2 year wait
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Las Vegas band Falling In Reverse have hit the rock scene hard with their latest album. Packed with energy and unique sounds, Coming Home’ is certainly proving to be worth the 2 year wait.

The title track opens this album with the stadium rock vibe that Falling In Reverse fans have been awaiting since 2015’s Just Like You. Beginning with an atmospheric piano intro, it isn’t long before the band’s guitars come to life, like a machine roaring after a two year hibernation. We first heard the single Coming Home in December, and since then it has been obvious that the album was going to be something of beauty. This is exactly what has been released.

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If you haven’t already been awoken by the first track, then you definitely will be once play is hit on Broken’. With an intro reminiscent of Korn’s ‘The Path of Totalityalbum, the dubstep influence in this track brings Falling In Reverse straight into the 21st century. Although this is only the second track on the record, it becomes clear from the memorable chorus that even first time listeners of this band can easily appreciate the work and musicianship that has been pumped into this album.

Fuck You And All Your Friends marks the turning point of this album. Ronnie Radke’s mental frustration begins to shine through, courtesy of his deep lyrics and meaningful delivery. The passion and angst in the vocalist’s voice is only too clear as he sings “It would be a lot better if I slit your throat”. This mood continues into I Hate Everyone’, but contrastingly this song follows a more acoustic ballad style. Despite clearly being dragged from a dark place in Radke’s mind, these songs are still full of catchy melodies perfect for singing along to. This is something that Falling In Reverse have accomplished so well: dark, meaningful lyrics yet an overall tone that makes this album extremely listenable.

Enlisting the six string style from Christian Thompson would appear to be a good decision. A wholesome sound has been achieved from the two guitars, with rhythm provided by Derek Jones.  Tracks ‘I hate everyone’ and ‘I’m bad at life’showcase the new guitarist’s ability to add fast, uplifting solos, but still remain within Falling In Reverse’s punk-rock style.

Penultimately, ‘Right Now brings rhythms that makes foot tapping irresistible, and choruses that beg for the volume to be turned right up. The same is true for this record’s last track Paparazzi. The band have ended their latest release with a song full of head banging choruses, and rap infused verses. As Ronnie Radke utters his final words on this album, we can rest assured that Falling in reverse are back with a bite, and are not going anywhere soon.