Dolores Haze 'The Haze Is Forever' - ALBUM REVIEW Photo by
Dolores Haze 'The Haze Is Forever' - ALBUM REVIEW Photo by

Dolores Haze ‘The Haze Is Forever’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Dolores Haze article was written by Fraisia Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited By Adam Barrett

‘The Haze is Forever’ comes in at an amazing 21 minutes long. You might think that there is not enough time to even notice that you’ve listened to an album. This is some distilled dissent!

Dolores Haze are from Stockholm – their name is taken from the name of the 12-year-old star of Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’, so we can expect them to be feisty, knowing and in control- or at least think they are! This is their debut album and they are set to take on the live scene as pepped up girl punks with attitude. Their music is a mixture of shoe-gaze, punk and power punk anthem.

Their monikers are amusing and cheeky: Groovy Nickz is on vocals and bass, Groovy Fuck plays the rhythm guitar, Lucky Lollo is on lead guitar and Foxy Sagz takes her seat at the drums. The overall sound is like all those naughty punky girl groups rolled into one, a bit of Shampoo for sure, but more credible acts like Garbage and the B 52s also come to mind. There is a bit if Bis here too, especially in the electronic punk anthem to dildos ‘I Got My Gun.’ Brilliant.

The album rockets off with ‘Reaching Placebo’- a meaty bass line gets going with a growl about a killed brother. The rhythm isn’t straightforward- actually an accomplished tune. The guitar solo and California-esque drawl all combine to make a great rock track. Full of teenage disdain- “And I’m still the same- are you still the same?”

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‘The Haze is Forever’ follows; this is the B Side to their previous single, ‘Touch Me’ and is full and appealing. ‘On Purpose’ is after this and introduces a more gentle shoegaze feel- Groovy Nickz has just the right voice for this sort of thing and they reach the fundamental point of teenage musing with the existential classic “If nothing’s real, then nothing matters.”

‘Crazy About Me’ starts off with a Hey Mickey rhythm with handclaps and all, there are bitchy girls giggling. It all comes together in a “Fuck You” – this is the pinnacle of teenage, perhaps more Daphne and Celeste then Hole, this is the ultimate teen stamp along. “Shut up now, shut up now, you got nothing on me, you don’t see what I see” roars Nickz defiantly. At one point there is even an “Everybody loves me…” moment.

‘Milk’ is super short and intriguing “The clock strikes ten and I am already late for another night of milk and poison.” Ok then! The dildo/gun anthem ‘I Got My Gun’ follows before it is all wound up with ‘The Garden’- a charming tale of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours- “I wanna go to bed with you” being the main message.

This defiance is exactly what punk is for: it’s fun, funny and powerful. Dolores Haze is certainly entertaining and will probably be appearing on a festival stage near you this summer.

‘The Haze Forever’ is out now via Woah Dad!

Dolores Haze 'The Haze Is Forever' - ALBUM REVIEW