Gothic Tropic ‘Fast or Feast’

Gothic Tropic has delivered a unique debut album that establishes her psychedelic, synth pop music style that has elements of her native Los Angeles through its innovative, intoxicating tracks
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Gothic Tropic, otherwise known as Cecilia Della Peruti, first stepped onto the music scene with her debut EP, ‘Awesome Problems,’ which was released in 2011. Nearly six years later, after joining the touring bands for acts like BØRNS and Charli XCX, she has released her first full-length album, ‘Fast or Feast.’ It’s safe to say that Gothic Tropic sets herself apart as a unique act in the indie pop genre.

‘Fast or Feast’ is an edgy take on pop, utilizing psychedelic and surf rock elements to create an individualistic sound. The style can be described as combining M83’s sound with Blondie’s sound. The album starts on a prominent note with ‘Stronger,’ the first single off the album that was released back in 2016. Beginning with a drumbeat reminiscent of The Ramones, Gothic Tropic sings of independence. The lyrics detail wanting to become stronger not only to be able to depend on herself, but so that others are able to depend on her too. ‘Stronger’ is an example of the singer’s distinct ability to tackle a subject that’s popularly discussed in music with a different perspective. There are seldom songs about independence that discuss a desire to have others be able to lean on you, but ‘Stronger’ stands out as a distinct, uplifting track.

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The latest single, ‘Your Soul,’ is another example of a unique take on a popular music subject; this one falling under the category of love songs. Peruti explains that ‘Your Soul’ is “a conversation with an old flame.. Reconnecting with someone you once considered close makes a person want to reintroduce a ‘new and improved me’. But you know them too well, you see right through it. The singer chooses to take a profound approach with the lyrics, singing about a deeper connection shared in a past relationship, proclaiming, “You make me feel alive, make me realize I know your soul.”

When comparing ‘Fast or Feast’ to ‘Awesome Problems,’ there is a clear improvement. Not only with production and overall sound quality, but with lyrical and musical content as well. Each track sounds different from the next, keeping the listener on their toes and looking forward to each upcoming song. Gothic Tropic has successfully combined elements of synthpop with a Los Angeles sound to create a music style that suits her well. With her clever, unique lyrics and the intoxicating instrumentation, Gothic Tropic is off to an extremely strong start with her first LP.

‘Fast or Feast’ is out now via Old Flame Records.