The Glazzies 'Kill Me Kindly'

The Glazzies ‘Kill Me Kindly’ – ALBUM REVIEW

If The Glazzies had existed twenty years ago, at the peak of the music industry’s hunt for the “next Nirvana“, then their second album ‘Kill Me Kindly’ would have been released on  a major label; the lead single ‘Spill’, would have been played ad nauseam on MTV; and these two lads from Sag Harbor, NY would have been minor rock stars for, say, a couple of weeks, until everybody moved onto something else shiny and new.

Instead, ‘Kill Me Kindly’ is released on erstwhile Cincinnati indie Old Flame Records, one-time or current home of indie rock leading lights such as Cloud Nothings and Doe, and while The Glazzies are unlikely to reach the kind of audience they could have done twenty years ago, in the long run they may be thankful for the opportunity to work on their music away from the mainstream spotlight.

For any fan of nineties grunge and alt-rock, the songs on ‘Kill Me Kindly’ will all sound very familiar. If you’re someone who enjoys the comfort of hearing your favourite thing done for the umpteenth time with competence, you’re in luck. If you’re someone who requires your indie rock to be somewhat daring and original, The Glazzies are probably not what you’re looking for.

The album is full of angst-ridden melodies set to fuzzy power chord riffs; the songs are solidly written and the performances are compelling enough to get you headbanging along. But overall it lacks the grit and grime of the likes of Nirvana and Mudhoney, as well as lacking that streak of punk weirdness that made bands those bands so distinctive. ‘Kill Me Kindly’ is the musical equivalent of a bread and butter sandwich; it fills you up, but it’s hardly a memorable experience.

Luckily for them, there are still plenty of 14 year olds with Kurt Cobain posters in their bedrooms who, given the chance, will adore The Glazzies. They’re the kind of band you devour when you’re hungry for more music that sounds like your favourite bands, before you realise grunge was merely a small chapter in the rich history of underground rock. Instead of ending up a footnote in a small chapter, The Glazzies have a chance to be a part of that rich history if they continue to work on the potential evident on ‘Kill Me Kindly’.

This Glazes article was written by Joe Turner, a GIGsoup contributor

The Glazzies 'Kill Me Kindly'
The Glazzies ‘Kill Me Kindly’