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‘Full Closure and No Details’ is a real statement of intent. In a time of almost constant recyclable music Cohen has given us something a little different and at the same time distinguished herself as one of Australia’s best songwriters

“You’ve got to think big” says the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and frontwoman of garage rock band the Furrs, Gabriella Cohen. With  four singles strapped firmly to her 2016 belt, ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive’, ‘Sever The Walls’, ‘Downtown’ and ‘Miserable Baby Demo’; she has strengthened herself as songwriter with her self-produced 10 track debut album, ‘Full Closure And No Details’

Recorded in 10 days, Cohen’s new album submerges the listener into a world of profound emotions, as expressions of her psychedelic tendencies paint stories and feelings with a dab of  melancholy.

Love seems to be a focal point for the artist throughout, standout track ‘This Could Be Love’ (‘What’s in your mind, what’s in your head, you tell me to leave it, lay it to bed. Everything’s meant to be taken, you have it, then you don’t, well I’m glad that I was awaken, to the tune of the broken snow’) and ‘Alien Anthem’ (‘My love came quickly/ Was he there at all?’ – ‘Just a funny kiss or a goodbye wish?’) certainly seem to draw on previous experiences, relationships and maybe even missed opportunities.

‘Full Closure And No Details’ quietly evokes charm, heartache and regret felt within a relationship ‘gone-bad’, and this seems to have been the basis for the album: “That time was such a vortex. I was stuck and stagnating – you have these dregs of six months to a year where you’re back and forth and they live down the hill from you and you see them at your favourite café and you’re still making love but feeling awful.”

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Throughout her delicate vocal tones are a contrast to the rock grunge accompaniment, emerging like the echo of a ghostly presence that seems to keep itself at arms length from its listeners. However, In ‘Piano Song’ (‘Who are you talking to? I can tell by the way you move’) she steers away from her typical use of rock instrumentation, by introducing a piano as the sole accompaniment and, moreover, gives us one of the highlights of the album – sometimes less is more.

New unexpected experimentations characterize this album, and certainly the artists growth, which also includes a completely instrumental track, ‘Dream Song’, leave the listener in a calm and dream-like state. 

Full Closure and No Details’ is a real statement of intent. In a time of almost constant recyclable music Cohen has given us something a little different and at the same time distinguished herself as one of Australia’s best songwriters.  

‘Full Closure And No Details’ is out now, via Dot Dash RecordingsGabriella Cohen ‘Full Closure And No Details'

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