Step out from the shadows, you deserve the limelight Furniture Girls…

Furniture Girls. Not the most representative name for the electro rock band from Seattle who certainly don’t sit still like sofas. ‘In The Shadows’ is a bold, progressive album from a high energy band who have been active since 2007. They’ve supported the likes of Sir Mix-A-Lot, Presidents of the Unites States of America and Linda Perry with their ambitious, alternative rock.

The album starts comfortably with funky basslines from Jim Watkins and the sassiest vocals from stayC Meyer. ‘My Time’ is the first important track, with a simple melody and strong percussion from Thane Mitchell. With a likeness to Massive Attack, the intoxicating guitar riffs from Jason Lightfoot help to ground their poignant introduction.

‘Heirlooms’ is an obvious favourite – with a slower, more soulful beginning with indulgently unique vocals from StayC. It’s important to note that this track was written after the passing of her grandmother. “Take what you want, just remember me when I’m gone” is both emotional and bold – encapsulating images of cherished heirlooms through StayC and Kate Bradley’s harmonies and polished voices. “The vintage, nostalgic, jazzy sound was certainly intentional, especially in Heirlooms” stayC confirms.

It’s fair to say that there are an awful lot of genres going on. Whether this is a desperate search for a specific style, or in fact just different slices of a deliciously varied album, is to be debated. It’s certainly accessible and though there’s ambitious vision, it’s definitely electric. ‘Ghosts of Hollywood’ is dark and gritty in its lyrics “All the glamour, all the murder” juxtaposed by a light and airy sound. This is what makes Furniture Girls so unique – their sound is convincing and yet substantially angsty.

For an album that was only started in summer 2015 it commands some complex arrangements and a number of different substances. Furniture Girls have chosen to step away from the electronics and synths that they’re used to, and have involved themselves in each song individually – and it shows. ‘The Want’ is a dynamic song with fetchingly fierce drumming from Mitchell, and strong shredding from Lightfoot. Kate Bradley adds a little trumpet, giving us a more retro taste. They take us on a textured and unpredictable journey with this album, and it’s well worth the ride.

“Daywalker” is a hypnotically heavy final anthem – known as the ‘fan favourite’ at the end of their live shows, it seems only right to close the album with the same strength. They’re boasting a wide range of skills and shredding some primal electric guitar – vocals are redolent of Gwen Stefani, only punchier. StayC is one to be praised for her fiesty vocals above all – this diversified album ought to be played on repeat.

In Shadows is out on 12th August 2016

This Furniture Girls article was written by Annalise Watson, a GIGsoup contributor. Header photo by Artistic Cliques Photography

Furniture Girls 'In The Shadows' - ALBUM REVIEW

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