Freddie Nelson ‘Shake The Cage’

Modesty, raw talent and a loss of parental figures, all packaged into one rock/pop compilation
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From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, musician, singer and producer Freddie Nelson releases his debut album “Shake The Cage” July 7, 2017. The idea behind the title is to break free from mediocrity and subjective “perfection” placed upon top 40 music.

Instead of a song playing by rules related to writing, number of bars per beat, etc., Nelson takes on a whole new approach by introducing a series of music that will certainly stand the test of time in his genre.

Self-recorded in his Green Tree, Pennsylvania home studio, “Shake The Cage” was mixed professionally by Rob Hill of X Music Studios in Los Angeles, California, mastered by Maz Murad at Metropolis in London, and co-engineered by Freddie and with Robby Breckinridge, featuring drums by Austrian drummer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Lang, whose credits include Peter Gabriel, Robert Fripp, Tina Turner and Kelly Clarkson.

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Although he realizes the importance of it when it comes to recording an album, Nelson tries not to rely on too much technology when making music. This is exhibited in “Never Fight Alone,” the standout track. Lyrically, it argues that mass-produced pop music becomes an unsteady assembly line, where creativity takes a back seat to standard (which it’s considered today) auto-tuning.

“Hey Doll,” released as the lead single, is written ironically: there in a woman in whom Freddie shows interest; however, the song lyrics appear to be about his own feelings, rather than the other person.

Another stellar track, “Keep Running,” ignores what’s “in.” In other words, contemporary trends are not incorporated, so that exclusiveness and the idea of being true to oneself are the common themes. This song is popular among the 18-25 crowd through Spotify and other streaming services.

“For Those Who Die” is a tribute to Freddie’s father, who passed away two weeks after his mother did. The creation of the song was done in between silent meditation periods and unprocessed mixed emotions. It’s an upbeat rock song, but the bittersweet feeling of having to move on is prevalent.

Freddie Nelson 'Shake The Cage'