Fourth Dimension (4D) ‘Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1’

Unfortunately, there's a big downfall to the record ... accessibility. Fourth Dimension is described as a crossover jazz artist, but there’s too few examples of this on the record
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Jazz fusion artist Jody Giachello, aka Fourth Dimension, is set to release the first installment of a two-part album on March 31. The self-described crossover jazz musician has prepared a ‘journey through time and space‘ in 2017. Entitled ‘Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1’, this record is essentially made up of six jam sessions showcasing the talents of Giachello and his crew of musicians that join him on the record.

This first volume of the conceptual album collection takes listeners on a psychedelic journey. Song titles like ‘Nuclear Fusion (Star Light)‘ and ‘Mr. Sinister’ are surprisingly fitting for these compositions. Wherever the ‘Millennial Kingdom’ is in Fourth Dimension’s mind, he’s sharing a sonic description of it with his fans.

The album has plenty to offer, including synthesizer and guitar solos blaring over the underlying fusion compositions. Repeated melodies and added dissonance really play well to the jazz influences of the artists involved. Aside from the interlude track ‘Gateway to Sol III’, each song stretches past the five-minute mark, sucking listeners right into the jam sessions.

Gianchello has an impressive resume of experience and education in music. While attending Berkley College of Music, he studied under Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz drummer Francisco Mela. He has toured nationally, performed in the house band on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’, and was on Broadway with the show ‘The Illusionists‘. There’s no denying his talents, which shine on his latest release as Fourth Dimension.

Unfortunately, there’s a big downfall to the record … accessibility. Fourth Dimension is described as a crossover jazz artist, but there’s too few examples of this on the record. With a title like ‘Millennial Kingdom,’ there’s a surprising distance between the music on this record and what the millennial generation listens to.

This album sounds appropriate for a video game score, but other than that, it sits comfortably inside the fusion music world. Listeners won’t get too much out of ‘Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1’, except an appreciation for the musicianship. Otherwise, an instrumental record of jam sessions won’t have that crossover potential that was likely intended.

The track-listing for ‘Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1’ is as follows…

1. ‘Watchman’s Warning (Premonition)’
2. ‘Mr. Sinister’
3. ‘Nuclear Fusion (Star Light)’
4. ‘Gateway to Sol III’
5. ‘The Return of the Nephilim (Kosmokraters)’
6. ‘Darkness Rising’

‘Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1’ is out on March 31, 2017 via Long Beach based label Dankradio. For more information on Fourth Dimension, head over to his official website, Facebook page, and YouTube account.

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