De Rosa 'Weem' - ALBUM REVIEW
De Rosa 'Weem' - ALBUM REVIEW

De Rosa ‘Weem’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This De Rosa article was written by Ben Kendall, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

It’s safe to say that the Scottish are known for telling it how it is and shoving aside all the crap to get to the point of things. Lanarkshire-based indie rock band De Rosa may not be assertive or confrontational in any way, but they know it’s unnecessary to be. However in terms of their musical abilities, they do a bloody well good job of cutting through all the faux nonsense that many artists have on their plate, to focus on the real core of their songs. As a result they create exceptional music which will cause a profound emotional impact on any listener.

‘Weem’ is the musical equivalent of a silent night drive in solitude, where in that small number of minutes before you reach your destination, to have your mind distracted by whatever activities await. On this journey your mind brings you into its depths where all the truths lie, including your deepest emotions, hopes, fears and wonders.

De Rosa ignore any outside source trying that might heavily influence their work. ‘Real musicianship’ (bland extensive guitar solos, wannabe-virtuoso compositing which sounds like children beating up instruments are a couple examples), are abandoned here, in favour for minimalistic songwriting which centres on the emotional content of the tracks.

With ‘Weem’, De Rosa have created a powerful, impassioned album that grade eight musicians can only dream of producing. Led by songwriting greatly influenced by the folk of their home country and based around downbeat guitar melodies, De Rosa take the ‘less is more’ approach to a grand level. Along with elements of electronic music, synthesizers and drum machine work, De Rosa have moulded a sound that is both bleak in nature but radiating with confidence.

At a time where musical artists are often either overly flashy, with an arrogant, uber-sexualised appearance (and music to match it), or unduly dull, De Rosa with ‘Weem’ find the fine line in the middle of these two realms without consciously trying to, constructing a bold and honestly expressive record.

‘Weem’ is a highly distinguished album that will appeal to any music fan that desires a sincere and deeply moving listen, bravely showing that it’s inessential to hide behind false personas and that authenticity is the vital ingredient for a first-rate work of art.

‘Weem’ is out on the 22nd January 2016 via Rock Action Records.

De Rosa 'Weem' - ALBUM REVIEW