The Flaming Lips ‘Oczy Mlody’

The music delivers on successfully altering the body and mind in the iconic band’s latest chef-d'oeuvre cook up
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Listening to “Oczy Mlody”, the new album from alt-rock-fuzz-folk-tech band, The Flaming Lips might have the same experience as consuming an opioid. Although the title, “Oczy Mlody” might be translated by some, as possibly a “Cozy melody of songs,” or yet still, others might conjecture “Oczy Mlody” as the creation of ‘Faeries’ from the Polish translation meaning “youthful, or young eyes.” Regardless of the opinion, the music delivers on successfully altering the body and mind in the iconic band’s latest chef-d’oeuvre cook up.

“White trash rednecks, earthworms eat the ground…kill your rock ‘n roll motherfuckin’ hip-hop sound,” purrs vocalist Wayne Coyne on the second track, “How.” Pleading his case, and issuing a warning for his dream/nightmare trip, with “I tried to tell you but I don’t know how-ooow.”

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Pain and pleasure pop eternally to techno pulses as synthesizers mash out consistent beats from the machine of the same name eclipsed by the auto-tuner as it fixes the vocal fry foretold Flaming Lips style.

Each tune from,”Oczy Mlody” begins and ends with the next suggesting a long stream from an unconscious mind altering never-ending journey. Should there be unicorns at parties? If so, should there be ones with green eyes or purple eyes? The question is satirical and ridiculous, of course.

However, the song, “There Should Be Unicorns” infers how a society ruled by coinage is doomed to repent for repeated opulence. “Ones from the Amazon, some edible butterflies we put ketchup on, some motorcycle stunts that always crash, and if the police show up we’ll bribe them into helping us steal the light of love from the rainbow sluts that live next door,” deadpans the track bringing to mind a cross between the real and surreal akin to sound of Peter Gabriel’s, 1980 “Games Without Frontier.” Reggie Watts finishes the track channeling Isaac Hayes, or Geoffrey Holder by testifying “And it will be inside me and it will be inside you. And it will be the end of the world and the beginning of a new love.”

Love and chemicals.

The Flaming Lips are always original. The days of melancholy are not passed, however, the way the band presents the sadness is always changing. Far removed from “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,” or “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart,” the Pink Robots are now magnetic fills of wasted love, demon eyes and more and more, and more synthetic pain, all contempt or capable of corrupting the soul.

An opioid induced trance might help explicate “One Night While Hunting For Faeries And Witches And Wizards To Kill,” (oh my). The hypnotic synthesizer beats bring back memories of Afrika Babaattaa’s “Planet Rock,” with Coyne spinning and cooking his vocal fry with lyrics like, “Stumbling and tripping, I fell, blooded on the ground The wizard and faeries and witches all came with their medicines to my side they sprinkled some frog dust on my face, on my face.”

Like a drug, can the latest release from the band survive the test to time? Absolutely. Critics might yelp the new release is too far out there, but how can any band with a soul continue to crank out the same pill time after time without sounding like commonplace? The Flaming Lips “Oczy Mlody” will outlast those naysayers and the music will provide those who tune in something they will remember…

“Never know,” sings Coyne on the track “Nigdy Nie,” or roughly translated in German, “Never No,” which could be interpreted as never knowing, or never, always being told no. But listening to this trippy, funky synthesized deep bottom smooth Earl Klugh sounding thumper, the word yes comes to mind as the track grows and glows..into “Glowy.”

The track recalling the old-school Lips might be the saddest track of the release, “The Castle.” In “The Castle,” the pain in Coyne’s declaration is apparent as he evokes images of a female soul lost in her tortured mind “Her eyes were butterflies, her smile was a rainbow, her hair was sunbeam waves, shining ‘round like a halo, her face was a fairy tale that has a poison apple, her skull was a mighty moat, her brain was the castle.” Coyne bellows in his falsetto voice that he heard the story from ‘mushrooms, bumblebees and flowers’ about the invisible war the fair maiden had lost, and the pain in his mind and soul is numbing.

The final track on the album is a duet with Wayne Coyne’s widely known good friend and collaborator, Miley Cyrus. Fans will no doubt appreciate the family mojo in the track, “We A Family,”with suggestions to jump aboard “Flyin’ along, the engines hummin’ Jesus and the spaceships comin’ down, down, down.”

Overall, the impact of taking and listening to the pill “Oczy Mlody,” will compliment those who subscribe to the treatment. Those who listen will also have possible side effects such as, satisfaction, joy, anger, melancholy, dizziness, as “Listening to the frogs, hiding ourselves in the trees with demon eyes, here we go again…” let the party begin, time for another dose and another, and another of, The Flaming Lips.

“Oczy Mlody” is out now via Warner Bros. Check out The Flaming Lips in Berlin Germany at Huxleys on the 24th of January 2017.

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