Some bands are just good at making great sounding records and Courtesy Tier definitely does not disappoint with their new release ‘Everyone’s OK’. This album is filled with sharp edges of rock and roll mixed with elaborate twirls of blues, incredibly catchy melodies and lyrics that can touch souls.  It’s always very refreshing to hear music that hasn’t been sculpted from the same old mould. 

The album kicks off with the song ‘Cold’ and it definitely catches attention. It has a great deal of energy from the first seconds and only calms down for a few moments when the backup vocals show up. The listener is bombarded with words, melodies, intense drum beat as if to amplify the song’s theme of conflict and confusion. 

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The songs that follow after are more relaxed, but still have that spiky edginess from the first song. The guitar riffs in ‘Childish Blues’ compliment the rhythm of the drums and then both combine into one massive cacophony of mellow yet confident sound. ‘And We Know’, ‘Jackson’, ‘Mila Says’, ‘When You Were Young’ have a faster pace yet still keep their laid back attitude. These songs are pretty much the musical expression of an image of a big muscly biker guy stepping off his motorcycle with the wind blowing through his long dishevelled hair.

Possibly the catchiest tune in the whole album is ‘Little Rock’. The melody is moody and gritty, yet so perfectly smooth in how it approaches the listener. Like a blow of wind during a night in winter – so chilling yet mesmerising. It does not try to overwhelm or comfort, it acts like it does not need anyone’s approval. And that is exactly why it is so powerful – it just exists and it is perfectly fine with how aggressive and unapologetic it is.

‘Roll On’, ‘Everyone’s OK’ and ‘Hey Bee’ are more relaxed songs. They do not try to overwhelm or confuse, the rhythm is slower and melodies are simpler. While they do have the undertones of a catchy classic rock song, they are more introspective and slow-paced.

The album ends with a nostalgic, easy-flowing song ‘Home’. It has a very simple melody yet the lyrics and the overall mood adds endless complexity to this track. It slowly progresses into a harsher guitar riff towards the end that amplifies the sense of hurt and tragedy hidden within this piece. The singer’s voice is hauntingly mournful, seemingly full of control yet full of pain in the underlying tones.  

In the modern soundscape of rock and roll this album is not trying to reshape the genre but is bringing interesting and atmospheric melodies to the table. 

‘Everyone’s OK’ is out now via Beverly Martel.

This Courtesy Tier article was written by Neringa Bielskyte, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.


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