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“Yellowcard” is a melancholy trip down memory lane and suitable farewell for the band

The end is nigh for the band Yellowcard, after over a decade of creating music and touring the globe they have announced that the self-titled tenth album, Yellowcard is their final. This melancholy situation resonates through the album. It is bittersweet and sad to see them go, but their fans are appreciative of their contributions over the years. After gaining mainstream success with “Ocean Avenue” the band has continued to carry on experimenting with the violin, vocal, guitar dynamic. They present a record with thematic highs and lows, happy and sad times told through the last songs they will ever write.

The opening song “Rest in Peace”, a deeply personal and touching song about letting grudges go with its lively beat. Followed by “What Appears” with its marching-like rhythm and distortion throughout, with themes of personal struggle. “Got Yours” harks back to the bands older material with a fast pop punk pace. “A Place We Set Afire”, a catchy love song about growing up and growing apart, learning to adapt and move on. With a violin solo during the bridge and xylophone during the last chorus it is a highlight of the record. “Leave A Light On” a piano focused song which bring pace and tone down.

“The Hurt Is Gone” a fairly mellow song, followed by the similar but heavier “Empty Street”. “A Wrecking Ball” provides the bands take on a country acoustic style song, about self-destructing. “Saviour’s Robe” and anger filled fast paced tune. The album is capped off by the “Fields & Fences”, a tribute to the band with an instrumental outro.

Yellowcard’s eponymous last record is a solid entry and respectable cap-stone to their legacy. While It isn’t their best work to date and the creative fatigue can be seen in the song writing, there are a few memorable tunes to be found.

“Yellowcard” is out now via Hopeless.Yellowcard 'Yellowcard'

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