Mollys Daggers 'Prima Materia' - ALBUM REVIEW

Mollys Daggers ‘Prima Materia’ – ALBUM REVIEW

Essex boys ‘Mollys Daggers’ reproduce the Memphis sound for encouraging debut LP

In an era of pretty indie boys it’s nice to be thrown back into some sweaty, heavy, rockabilly blues and remind yourself that although the 60’s are long gone, they can still inspire a classic guitar-led delirium that captures the essence of past generations.

Mollys Daggers debut album is already planting a signature sound but is surprisingly wide-ranging. Album lead single ‘Shakin’ Like the Leaves on the Trees’ is a fast and sexy track where the guitar does as much talking as the lyrics. It’s fun, confident, and a fitting choice for a first impression.

Acoustic ’44 Stone Jenny’ on the other hand is laid-back and full of sentiment. You would like to think it was born a late afternoon on a sunny porch in the American South – cigarette hanging lazily from the corner of the mouth and all.

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Mollys Daggers, maybe the most unlikely band to come out of Essex, are currently based in Hackney (that’s where the cool kids are, we all got the memo), but they might as well have come straight from Austin or Memphis since that’s where your mind goes when hearing the tracks that make up this album.

There is nothing particularly profound or challenging about the music, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s a romantic remembrance with a taste of the 21st century. The psychedelic sounds of the 60s materialises in ‘Turns to Stone’, it’s a song that starts soft, reminiscent of Jim Morrison in all his surrealistic glory, then bursts into turmoil and ends with perplexing bongo drums. The track turns the album around and saves the ending from turning uninteresting.

‘Prima Materia’ is a whirlwind of nostalgic but present music, it’s not pretentious or too self-aware, it’s just blues rock at its finest.

‘Prima Materia’ is out on the 3rd June 2016 via Electric Soup Records.

This Mollys Daggers article was written by Nairomi Alice Eriksson, a GIGsoup contributor

Mollys Daggers 'Prima Materia' - ALBUM REVIEW