Every now and then a band appears that sends the world of music into a spin, having fans all over the world question whether is good or not and spend years trying to answer that question. BABYMETAL are one of those bands, the metal idol girls from Japan backed by the Kami Band have metal fans of all backgrounds asking themselves: what is it about this band!? The release of their second album ‘Metal Resistance’ should set some minds straight, whether for better or worse.

‘Metal Resistance’ packs 12 new tracks filled with the cheesy Japanese metal idol music we have come to expect from BABYMETAL. The album is opened with the track ‘Road of Resistance’ which with the help of the guys form DragonForce gives a really strong start to the album. Classic quick paced guitar riffs and solos throughout make you hopeful for the rest of the album, even if it feels more like a DragonForce track featuring BABYMETAL instead of the other way around.

The track ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ is the most consistent track on the album. The vocals flow with the hard, heavy music and give a deeper more emotional feel which then helps the rest of the album. ‘Metal Resistance’ finishes off with the track ‘THE ONE’ which for all those who don’t understand Japanese is great, as the vocals are sung in English. The translation from Japanese to English is sometimes patchy and doesn’t quite make sense, but that is to be expected, however this doesn’t take away from the quality of the track and ends the album on a high.

Overall ‘Metal Resistance’ sounds like its being performed by a factory made band, which is exactly what BABYMETAL are. With elements of drum and bass, electronic and even pop punk styles of music thrown in, this album is hard to follow and sounds like these have been put in to try and cater to a wider audience and grow their fan base. The album does at points give some really good examples of metal music with its heavy riffs and quick drumming, but not enough in order to make this album one of the greats.

BABYMETAL ‘Metal Resistance’ is out now via BMD Fox Records.

This BABYMETAL article was written by James Cousins, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

BABYMETAL 'Metal Resistance'

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