3OH!3 and their attempt at party rap proves to be a party pooper

We all remember 3OH!3 from their big collaborations with Katy Perry and Kesha, and also generally from their polarizing outlet of humour-driven rap-pop songs, with intentional shallowness and half-hearted one-liners. There was never going to be a question of whether or not the duo would be maturing at all, they seem to enjoy what they do, so as polarizing as they may be, that’s a definite positive. But if you were to ask that question, song titles from new album ‘Night Sports’ like ‘Freak Your Mind’ and ‘My Dick’ would answer it for you.

There was certainly a memorability factor for songs like ‘Don’t Trust Me’ and ‘My First Kiss’, which seems like the kind of aspect that makes their big hits more ‘of the time’ than anything. It’s hard to expect any huge powerhouse pop songs stemming from ‘Night Sports’, and the most unfortunate thing about that is that the attempts at such are quite blatant. ‘Mad At You’ has that kind of quality, which incidentally comes with a very evident lack of quality. But at least for the most part they’ve ditched that creepy form of aggressiveness they used to have; they’re no longer shouting “LONG LEGS, DAISY DUKES, MAKES A MAN GO (however a wolf whistle would be written down)”.

So, the aggression has been brushed aside somewhat, but that brings us on to our next point. When an artist ceases to make those memorable songs that are at least well-liked by those that love anything poppy, or even the more cult followers, they just end up getting boring, and for the most part, ‘Night Sports’ IS just boring.

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Songs like ‘7-11’ and ‘Give Me Something to Remember’ may prove that the duo have moved with the times somewhat, but there are still moments within those songs that make it seem like they’re trying to cater to old fans, in a weird ‘stuck-in-the-past’ kind of way. But hey, ‘Hear Me Now’ has airhorns, so that’s probably the closest thing 3OH!3 get to being ‘pop culture’ on this album.

‘BASMF’ has some uniqueness; the flute-based production at least tries to steer the album in a slightly different direction, but man, that chorus is just so lame. “We are the same old Boulder motherfuckers, if our shit’s so bad, why’s your sister trying to fuck us?” – in fairness, that’s probably a jab at us reviewers, with our…opinions?

So, there you have it, 3OH!3 are back. Back with moronic attempts at ironic party rap that remind us it’s no longer 2010.

‘Night Sports’ is out now via Fueled by Ramen

This 3OH!3 article was written by Ben Malkin, a GIGsoup contributor

3OH!3 'Night Sports' - ALBUM REVIEW

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