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Overall Impact38
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On top of the poor mix quality, the vocals aren’t very flattering, and the melodies are, for the most part, weak. At least they have plenty of room for improvement

As of late, Australia has been producing some fantastic artists. Tame Impala reigns in the realm of psych rock and with ‘Currents’ have asserted themselves as a reckoning force in the charts. Courtney Barnett and her outstanding lyrical prowess has wedged her way into the hearts of many around the world and pop superstar Sia has exploded into mainstream music with her angelic voice and smooth production. However, you cannot have the good without the bad for contrast.

TYRANNAMEN is at best a worse version of their Australian punk parallels Royal Headache. With their chunky riffs, pounding drums, and untrained vocals, they are entrenched in the same old punk rock tendencies we’ve all heard before. Royal Headache has found a way to stay true to these punk traditions, while still incorporating some modern production and originality, whereas TYRANNAMEN’s debut album is a muddy mess of distortion and shouting about depression, love, and paranoia. 

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Though they bring nothing new to the table, TYRANNAMEN definitely have some moments of redemption. The guitar harmonies that open the song ‘Diamond Ring’ are quite catchy and are supported magnificently by the interjected drum fills and a solid bass foundation. The lyrical content in the song ‘Happiness is just a Stones Throw Away’ liken the woman of interest to a heavy stone, dragging our narrator down the depths of the sea, until being thrown from his life, illustrated with lines such as “If trust was measured in a throw, then you wont be traveling very far” and “I threw a stone and thought of you”.  ‘I Don’t Want to Go to Jail’ fills the space of the mix nicely, and has some really cool drum parts, but would be far more enjoyable if you could actually hear individual parts as opposed to a wall of muddy, bleeding sound. 

TYRANNAMEN sound like the type of band that would bring a lot of entertainment to their local, niche following. Seeing them live, at grungy bar or tight house gig, would be a blast for the average punk rocker looking for a good place to thrash about. They sound like an energetic, mosh fueling live band to see, which is fun. The problem with this is that once those people go home to look up that awesome live band they just saw, they would discover this muddy mess of an album. It just goes along without really leading anywhere. On top of the poor mix quality, the vocals aren’t very flattering, and the melodies are, for the most part, weak. At least they have plenty of room for improvement. TYRANNAMEN

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