Mouses 'The Mouses Album' - ALBUM REVIEW

Mouses ‘The Mouses Album’ – ALBUM REVIEW

‘The Mouses Album’ is perhaps unsurprisingly the debut album by Teesside duo Mouses and is certainly a solid first offering which shows plenty of potential. Vocally sound, there is a definite undercurrent of Lo-Fi Pete Doherty veering into a Brett Anderson style sweet snarl at times. Some of the melodies are insanely catchy and have such an instant impact that you’re left wondering where you might have heard them before even after the first listen, like a kind of aural déjà vu or more correctly déjà entendu.

There is no fat on this LP, coming it at under 30 mins with barely an instrumental break in sight, not even wasting any more than a single word for each song title, in fact it is a surprise that the album title itself is so long. Pick of the tracks has to be ‘Algebra’ and the single ‘Hollywood’ which is getting airplay in all the right places at the moment, instantly attention grabbing as they both are.

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Lyrically they are clever but not overly so, lines such as “Its crazy but it’s not quite algebra” work as instantly fun singalong soundbites but also hint at a depth which is often camouflaged by the humour which runs through the album. It is an album that sounds timeless, with lyrics which are not embedded in a particular time and distortion used unsparingly it is reminiscent of Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain but with more energy and less pessimism. Its DIY ethic certain could indeed be the dividing factor, if you like it rough and ready with a slice of bizarre then this modern day punk debut could be the spiky tonic you’re after. If, on the other hand you prefer something a little more finessed, then look elsewhere. It sounds like a Salvador Dali painting done in fuzzy felt.

‘The Mouses Album’ is out 23rd September via Sister 9 Recordings

This Mouses article was written by Richard Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo by Hana Marie Photography

Mouses 'The Mouses Album' - ALBUM REVIEW
Mouses ‘The Mouses Album’
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