Lola Colt 'Twist Through the Fire' - ALBUM REVIEW

Lola Colt ‘Twist Through the Fire’ – ALBUM REVIEW

Described as “very average and filled with clichés” the 1967 Spaghetti Western to which the London sextets Lola Colt take their name is reminiscent throughout a Twist Through the Fire.

Unfolding like some, moody western shoot-out that never quite seems to get the good bit, their sophomore record veins a fervid restlessness, as each song struggles forward at a fainéant, fever-crippling pace, urgent, almost frantic; it leaves you searching for a climax that isn’t there.

Superfluous, and twinned to a sunblind, desert peyote trip, characterised by chemtrail guitars, tribal drums and ghostly synths, a Twist Through the Fire fails to find structure within its songs and endures tirelessly. The record title track is almost ten minutes long, and while it is a cerebral affair of ideas, it is too complex, too antithetical and as a consequence, feels rushed. 

The first track, ‘Gold’ is anything but Aurelian. Like a twisted bond movie intro, it is defiantly dark and cruelly seductive. Recalling The Cramps, and early Bad Seeds it is a piece of crisp, biting music that bewitches for the rest of the album. 

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Reveling in a threatening sensuality that the 4AD roster made so requisite in the 70’s and 80’s, the following album tracks, however, feel borrowed and threadbare. ‘Moshka Medicine’ calls an affinity to the ethereal sound and soprano vocals of the Cocteau Twins, while ‘Dead Moon Jeopardy’ nods to the vocal theatrics and Middle-Eastern melodies of The Banshees; it is a gothic-romantic pseudo-affair, that doesn’t quite seem to make its own mark. 

Combing cowboy tropes with elements of classic blues and rock, it seems that Lola Colt’s music is subsidiary to the artistic experience that they’re trying to offer. Not a complete entity in itself, and rather a movie soundtrack, a ‘Twist Through the Fire’ poses the thought, are they trying too hard?

Despite criticism, Gun’s voice, a dagger sheathed in velvet howls from deep inside a k-hole of repetition and dissociation. Like a prophetic version of Nico in The Velvet’s she chimes without constraint as their lyrics flower like poetry. 

‘A Twist Through the Fire’ will be released on 1st July via self-release.

This Lola’s Colt article was written by Chelsea Fearnley, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

Lola Colt 'Twist Through the Fire' - ALBUM REVIEW

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