Kamikaze Test Pilots 'Self Titled' - ALBUM REVIEW

Kamikaze Test Pilots ‘Self Titled’ – ALBUM REVIEW

Kamikaze Test Pilots are a band of unmistakable force and liveliness.

On first listen you might find familiar hard rock and metal tropes of chugging, go hard or go home riffs, and thundering cymbals. However there is more to this band than first meets the ear. Its clear that the Kamikaze Test Pilots are a band with various influences; by the sound of it however they’re influences span a little further than AC DC or Soundgarden. The track ‘Patrick’ provides an eclectic mix with a riffs reminiscent of Irish folk at 2:59 minutes in. Hailing from Zimbabwe, this is a group has something different to offer up to the sometimes stagnant world of metal and hard rock.

Vocally there Kamikaze Test Pilots have a similar sound to that of Serj Tankian of System of a Down. This being said however, there is a clear infusion of African music, creating something altogether new and unique.  The track ‘Kumusha’ is a fantastic example of the bands versatility. It steers away from hard rock (not completely as it maintains a distinctive guitar sound) and encompasses traditional African and Reggae music. ‘Kumusha’ is, further more, a fantastic representation and celebration of Zimbabwean culture. This track certainly paints a strong picture of the Kamikaze Test Pilots homeland. Not to mention that the song is sung in Shona, one of sixteen Zimbabwe languages!

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The track ‘Dinosaur’ provides a protest based political standpoint with lyrics “Is there no justice anymore?” and “they kick you when you’re on the floor” denoting the treatment of poor communities. It’s nice to see the band explore these issues as it offers up plenty of emotional scope. If you’ve ever found yourself head banging wildly to Rage Against the Machine, arm hairs on end, you’ll agree nothing is quite as invigorating as a strong political message set to a good bass line and pounding snare.

It can’t be said enough that this band really do invigorate their genre, the vocal harmonies in previously mentioned tracks are beautifully done and compliment the heavier, moshpit inducing riffs. It would be fair to say that the Kamikaze Test Pilots go hard on their self titled album and give us all a taste of what they’re all about.

This Kamikaze Test Pilots article was written by Jacob Atkins, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.