Inglorious ‘Inglorious’ - ALBUM REVIEW - Lead photo by Nedim Nazerali
Inglorious ‘Inglorious’ - ALBUM REVIEW - Lead photo by Nedim Nazerali

Inglorious ‘Inglorious’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Inglorious article was written by Matt Shore, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse. Lead photo by Nedim Nazerali

A satisfying classic rock revival presents itself on the debut album from exciting newcomers, Inglorious. Well put together and surprisingly sophisticated for a first LP, the album taps into the era with great ease and skill, with inspiration clearly taken from the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake.

The self titled effort starts off punchy and hard hitting with ‘Until I Die’, a building intro setting the listener up for one of the stronger riffs of the album. Frontman Nathan James’ lead vocals instantly raise the eyebrows, with a very impressive range and strength, while the rousing chorus captures the interest. The strong start continues with tracks ‘Breakaway’ and ‘High Flying Gypsy,’ a driving guitar sound and high quality lyrics complimenting James’ aforementioned vocal prowess. This is most prominent on arguably the stand-out track, ‘Holy Water,’ a slightly more stripped back, bluesy approach adding weight to the excellent chorus, and one that best showcases not only Nathan James’ voice, but also the songwriting talents of the band.

The album continues in this vein, rarely dipping or stuttering. Some of the tracks are stronger than others, but the musicianship of the five-piece is well put across throughout, with ‘Girl Got a Gun’ and the title track ‘Inglorious’ stellar efforts. A ballad near the end of the album, ‘Wake,’ is particularly striking and very different to the other tracks, an example of the versatility of the band. The piano section towards the end of ‘Wake’ is also surprisingly refreshing, and demonstrates an intelligent approach to their instrumental arrangement, as well as a fitting end to the album, the piano section repeated on the final song, ‘Unaware.’ The last track provides another powerful riff dripping in classic rock influence, and cements Inglorious as a solid debut.

Overall, Inglorious impress with their strong, catchy tracks, attention to detail in their approach to a classic rock feel, and their skill as musicians. In capturing the sound of the past they do not do anything new, but their excellent execution makes up for this. Their level of skill also helps them avoid coming off as a poor imitation, something that surely would have been a danger. While some of the tracks may sound better than others, they are all very solid, and ‘Inglorious’ provides a high quality debut album for the band. Whether they can now raise the bar even further in future albums remains to be seen, but for now they can enjoy their UK tour having laid a foundation for a successful career.

‘Inglorious’ is out now via Frontiers Music Srl.