‘Chubby Cheeks’ Is the second album to be released by UK based Gerry Read, and the first to be released on Nosaj Thing’s Timetable Records.  Over the past 5 years, the industrious Read has been carving away a unique voice through dozens of releases, and this full length sees all that hard work refined in all its glory.

Like some of his existing work, the LP sounds like several different parties are going on in the same house, and Read, equipped with a drum machine, is merging them all together. Quirky spoken word vocal snippets sporadically interrupt grooves and act as structural counterpoints, occasionally serving up refreshing doses of humor in between the dark and mesmerising grooves.

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Though the featured devices have been all but common of garage and house for decades, Read’s voice certainly emerges as being unique. His sassy, unsyncopated drums and grubby textures are delightfully characterful, and possessive of an audacious, insubordinate attitude. Initially, one may possibly yearn for some more progressive developments, but Read does as he pleases, stripping his work of anything superficial. Instead, listeners will be rewarded by the constant surprises of his ragged beatsThe product is efficient, raw and yet undeniably meticulous. 

Releasing the record via Timetable really makes sense. The innovative L.A. influence is quite audible over the British roots. Although it may seem as like the beat-scene may have burned up its fuel, the smoldering ashes continue to emit some of the hottest material. ‘Up Down Up’ shares a certain quality with ‘N R 3’ from Nosaj Thing’s recent ‘NO REALITY’, and ‘Wally’ wouldn’t be too out of place on a Samiyam album 

‘Chubby Cheeks’ is most certainly a success, and a very promising start for Timetable Records

Chubby Cheeks’ is out now via Timetable Records.

This Gerry Read article was written by Max Bonar-Lax, a GIGsoup contributor

Gerry Read 'Chubby Cheeks' - ALBUM REVIEW

Gerry Read ‘Chubby Cheeks’

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