DREAMERS ‘This Album Does Not Exist'. Photo by Justin Wilczynski

DREAMERS ‘This Album Does Not Exist’ – ALBUM REVIEW

After two years of isolation and writing, the indie pop-rock band DREAMERS have released their debut album – a confection of effervescent synths, energetic guitars and pop hooks.

Album opener ‘DRUGS’ sets the premise for the album immediately with the first lyrics “lost in the clouds” encapsulating the feeling of escapism that is so present throughout this bands image and sound.

DREAMERS demonstrate that they’re not afraid to explore all corners of the pop-rock genre with this album. ‘Never Too Late’ utilises a four-to-the-floor beat and gang vocals to create an environment in which it really is never too late to dance. Party song ‘Sweet Disaster’ starts out with pensive fingerpicking and a side-chained bass synth. However by the chorus it has turned into a stumbling pop song, and with the lyrics “swimming through the morning after” it’s not hard to imagine vocalist Nick Wold trying to find his footing the morning after a night out. 

Unlike many pop-rock bands, DREAMERS use of synths is never garish or out of place on this album, they know how to implement them in a way that lifts the track up without stifling it, and it adds interest to their brand of pop rock. The album is full of tracks that edge close to the rock bracket, without ever fully taking the plunge, but the outcome works for them. The dynamics and energy of rock are especially present in songs ‘Shooting Shadows’ and ‘Little New Moon’ whilst still retaining a care-free melodious feel.

Although the album contains many great songs, with nothing standing out as a bad track amongst the others, it does feel a little impersonal at times. The songs are well written, but do occasionally come across as formulaic, especially towards the end of the album where songs get a little hard to differentiate. Every track on ‘This Album Does Not Exist’ clocks in at around the three minute mark – succint is what this band does best, allowing no time for the listener to get bored, as can be the case with bands who let their tracks get bogged down with self-indulgence. This album demonstrates that this is a band with the ability to craft a great pop song, and the entire listen is outlandishly infectious, even in its quieter moments.

‘This Album Does Not Exist’ is out now via Fairfax Recordings.

This DREAMERS article was written by Eloise Bulmer, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo credit : Justin Wilczynski

DREAMERS ‘This Album Does Not Exist'
DREAMERS ‘This Album Does Not Exist’
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