Blossoms 'Blossoms' - ALBUM REVIEW

Blossoms ‘Blossoms’ – ALBUM REVIEW

The British four piece ‘Blossoms’ were formed in Stockport just outside Manchester in 2013.  After releasing two EPs in 2015 ‘Blown Rose’ and ‘Charlemange’ and a third ‘At Most a Kiss’ in 2016,  their debut album arrived in mid-2016 with significant music industry interest. The self-titled album creates its own sonic space, falling somewhere between the energetic boombasticism of ‘The Kooks’ and the 60s inspired psychedelia of ‘Temples’.

The album as a whole clearly demonstrates a band with a talent for finding a unique groove within a currently crowded British indie scene. The melodic sensibilities of ‘Blossoms’ seem to hark back much further than many of their compatriots bringing together strands of 1970s rock alongside ‘tongue in cheek’ Britpop irreverence. Lead singer ‘Tom Ogden’ has a voice which seems to be cut from the same cloth as  the shimmering Northern swagger of ‘Alex Turner’, whose band, ‘The Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Blossoms’ clearly take significant inspiration. The first half of ‘Blossoms’ is a well-considered success as the band finds the perfect recipe of  clever melodic intricacies, strong song writing and the undeniably rock and roll voice of ‘Ogden’. This is perfectly demonstrated in the tracks ‘Charlemange’ and ‘Honey Sweet’

However, while ‘Ogdens’ vocal similarities to ‘Alex Turner’ are something which is generally positive, there is a danger, especially in the latter half of ‘Blossoms’ for the vocal delivery and band as a whole to veer dangerously close to ‘AM’ era ‘Arctic Monkeys’. This is especially clear with the tracks ‘Smashed Piano‘ and ‘Texia’ and does detract somewhat from the overall feel of the Album. Clearly, then, this is an album of two halves and seems to be an attempt to strike a balance between the bands creative outpouring and radio friendliness; perhaps what the band wanted to produce  and what was considered commercially viable.

In truth, there is no need for there to be such a distinction. ‘Blossoms‘ have proven themselves to be an exciting band with a knack for melody and should be confident to evolve their own sound without the need to borrow too heavily from any of their counterparts. This is a band which have shown considerable potential with their self titled first release and have the ability to create considerable musical longevity for themselves. 

Blossoms is out now via Virgin EMI Records.


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