Eagles of Death Metal 'Zipper Down' - ALBUM REVIEW
Eagles of Death Metal 'Zipper Down' - ALBUM REVIEW

Eagles of Death Metal ‘Zipper Down’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Eagles of Death Metal article was written by Rita Vicinanza, a GIGsoup contributor.  Edited by Josh Hummerston

Eagles of Death Metal 'Zipper Down' - ALBUM REVIEWAfter producing three records over the course of a half-decade, it has taken seven years for Eagles of Death Metal to come back with new material. However, considering the unpretentious yet good quality of Zipper Down, the band can without doubt be forgiven.

Jesse Hughes and Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme return with a handful of original songs, plus an interesting take on an 80’s cult. Whilst it may not be set to be the next big thing it will surely please garage rock fans.

Zipper Down’s tracks all share the similar SoCal feel, they all oozing raw, juicy riffs and distorted instrumentation.   Opener ‘Complexity’ sets the mood for the entire LP, which contains light, playful, unassuming tunes. Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.) reinforces this theory – Hughes’ amusing interpretation and attitude on the brink of ridiculousness speak for themselves as he sings “I am from Silverlake and therefore I don’t give a damn” and “I’m in a cool band”.

It’s clear that Eagles of Death Metal like what they do, they like doing it well but they like fooling around all the same.

The band mostly bets on fast rhythms, yet do a good job on slower tracks as well like ‘I Love You All The Time’. There’s more than a rock ballad to it though. Hughes singing a whole chorus in French doesn’t make it sound as sexy as he might have intended but the comic result is guaranteed.

That’s the trick with this band – EoDM talk about simple things and don’t go too far from the stereotyped imagery usually associated with their musical genre but they do have that extra oomph as they infuse grit, power, sensuality and all that’s in between with a humorous vein that few other groups have. Take for example ‘Got the Power’, with its falsetto backing vocals or ‘Skin Tight Boogie’, mixing an hypnotic guitar loop with a funny verbal crossfire in which the girl gains the upper hand.

An unexpected cover of Duran Duran’s classic ‘Save a Prayer’, where synthesizers are exchanged for cries akin to the Tarzan yell and the pop atmospheres turn into rougher melodies, gives a nice finishing touch to Eagles of Death Metal’s long awaited fourth album – one which won’t disappoint

The full track listing for the new Eagles of Death Metal album is as follows…


Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)

Got a Woman

I Love You All The Time

Oh Girl

Got the Power

Skin Tight Boogie

Got a Woman (slight return)

The Deuce

Save a Prayer (Duran Duran cover)

The Reverend

Eagles of Death Metal 'Zipper Down' - ALBUM REVIEW