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After moving on from his Real Estate roots, it seems that Matt Mondaline has really taken the time to bring everything home, literally, and perfect his own personal style

Ducktails aka Matt Mondanile has returned with his own style of dreamy, symphonic bedroom pop. Keeping to his stylishly simple low-fi aesthetic, Jersey Devil is a collection of carefully produced, contemplative and multi-layered tracks. After announcing his departure from Real Estate last summer, and returning home to record the album in his mothers basement, Mondanile’s solo project has continued to develop as he has crafted his individual style of melancholic daydreaming. However, for his sixth release with Ducktails, his horizons have broadened; through the introduction of groovier basslines, faster tempos and catchy lyrics, the album feels like a natural progression.

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Opening the album is the mystically funky ‘Map to the Stars’, the psychedelically upbeat track sets the tone for the rest of what’s next to come. With a music video filmed across the streets of New Jersey, it is clear that Mondanile is bringing everything home, with a DIY aesthetic to match. ‘Light a Candle’ and ‘In the Hallway’ are almost cosmically jazzy, with thoughtful lyricism and groovier undertones. Toying with synths and his classically hazy soundscapes, ‘Keeper of the Garden’, is a melancholically poppy, and gives Mondaline the opportunity to experiment with more low-fi techniques, keeping true to his dream-like aesthetic.

Another standout track is, ‘Lover’, with a funkier feel to it, the soulfully layered guitars work in partnership with a groovy bass and hypnotically catchy lyricism. Taking things back to basics, with fewer pedals and processing, it feels like a fresh break from the hazy dream-pop. ‘Solitary Star’ is an example of the melancholic glo-fi style Ducktails has carefully mastered over the years, while ‘Shattered Mirror Travel’ combines a faster tempo with whimsical lyrics. Another favourite is ‘The Rising Sun’, bringing the album to a close with its idiosyncratically upbeat yet wistful production; this is about as close to pop as Mondaline gets as he alludes to the natural beauty of his hometown.

Ducktails’s Jersey Devil stays true to its low-fi, chillwave aesthetic yet manages to feel fresh through its introduction of groovier tones and branching away from melancholic haziness. After moving on from his Real Estate roots, it seems that Matt Mondaline has really taken the time to bring everything home, literally, and perfect his own personal style. The result is something that feels revived yet distinctive.

The track-listing for ‘Jersey Devil’ is as follows…

1. Map to the Stars
2. Light a Candle
3. In the Hallway
4. Keeper of the Garden
5. Solitary Star
6. Lover
7. Mannequin
8. Wearing a Mask
9. Shattered Mirror Travel
10. The Rising Sun 

You can hear the new album live at one of these venues…

Sept 21 – Liverpool, UK – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
Sept 23 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
Oct 2 – London, UK – Moth Club

Oct 6 – Bergen, Norway – Landmark
Oct 10 – Bordeaux, France – Iboat
Oct 11 – Roubaix, France – La Cave Aux Poetes
Oct 12 – Paris, France – L’Olympic
Oct 13 – Sion, Switzerland – Le Port Franc
Oct 14 – Winston Salem – Phuzz Festival 
Oct 18 – Tokyo @ O-nest
Oct 19 – Tokyo @ UNIT
Oct 20 – Matsumoto @ Give me little more
Oct 21 – Osaka @ Shangri-la
Oct 23 – Fukuoka @ Utero
Oct 25 – Okinawa Naha @ Output
Oct 27 – Taipei @ Witch House
Oct 28 – Taichung @ Forro Cafe
Oct 29 – Kaohsiung @ venue TBA
Oct 31 – Manila @ Mow’s Bar, Quezon City
Nov 2 – Shanghai @ Yuyintang 
Nov 3 – Beijing @ School
Nov 5 – Chengdu @ Nu Space 
Nov 14 – Seoul (band set) venue TBA
Nov 17 – Bangkok (band set) Rockademy
Nov 21 – Philadelphia – PhilaMOCA 
Nov 24 – Washington DC – U Street Music Hall 
Nov 25 – NYC – Music Hall Of Williamsburg 
Nov 27 – Cleveland – The Winchester
Dec 6 – San Francisco – The Independent 
Dec 9 – Los Angeles – Teragram Ballroom


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