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The new release comprised of magical and symbolic prose to portray the imagery of social ills to ask what the hell (or WTF) is transpiring in today’s world

At The Drive In the poetic groundbreaking art punk angst rockers from Texas El-Paso are back to drop a tour de force masterpiece with their latest album. The new release “in-ter-a-li-a,” roughly translates to “among other things”, known for something but also known for, or among other things.

Among other things, the band is known for its iconic sound but it is also known as a band with internal turmoil and tension so it comes as no surprise that the new title might hint towards embracing the past but searching or connecting more for the future. The title of the new release, Latin in roots, is parallel to the members of At The Drive In, as the new release brings back sound memories of old with an enticement thru this record to produce greater other things.

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The five member mix, mash-up, concoction of musicians who have played in either The Mars Volta or Sparta are well prepared to move on with their renowned successful style of pile-driving assault by guitar, smacking bass lines, amid thrash bruising drum beats accompanied via shrieking vocals. The lineup for ATDI has changed little over the last 15 years with the exception of former Sparta guitarist and back up vocalist Keeley Davis replaced legendary ex Drive-In vocalist/guitarist Jim Ward.

Considered forerunners of art punk modern angst rock, ATDI pick up where they left off wth the 2001 release, “Relationship Of Command,” by channeling similar experiences of both political and social injustices happening then and now, among other things via “in-ter-a-li-a”

Lead singer Bixler-Zavala minces words that slice and dice the political and social landscape. “No Wolf Like The Present” screams about the injustices surrounding people who get preyed upon by those who prey on the innocent. “From Potemkin mills where the wind erase they use our past to evict us, in a land that stole a kestrel from the knave,” which might suggest that those less fortunate are doomed to live in a joyless society.

“Tilting At The Univendor” bursts with old-school sounding ATDI. Tony Hajjar’s offbeat drumming and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s melodic guitar plunking mix furiously well as Bixler-Zavala rebuilds a fire inside with lyrics like, “She put the feral back inside my voices, I’ll take the cigarette and put it out on my arm it’s the only way that I can feel.”

The new release comprised of magical and symbolic prose to portray the imagery of social ills to ask what the hell (or WTF) is transpiring in today’s world. “Incurably Innocent,” and “Holtzclaw” are ATDI specials. Both tracks metamorphoses from song to pain inflicted on the innocent as Bixler-Zavala paints “A blank tape that couldn’t remember but you can never erase the hurt.” “Hortzclaw” refers to the former Oklahoma police officer charged and found guilty of 18 counts of rape and assault back in 2015.

“in-ter-a-li-a,” builds to a crescendo with a Pink Floyd influenced sounding tune produced with haunting guitars and haunting vocals. The last thing, or the last tune on the new release, “Hostage Stamps” pits two angry guitars against each other presenting a first-rate example of why At The Drive In rocks and will continue to rock…among other things…

“in-ter-a-li-a” available now via Rise Recordshttps://www.gigsoupmusic.com

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