Drake ‘Scorpion’

Whether his best work or not, through a long list of songs and accomplishments, it’ll take a lot for anyone to say he’s finished
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Through the midst of a lyrical slaughter and a social media frenzy, Drake still managed to rise from ashes breaking records. Setting the record for most streams in a day, Scorpion was deemed the most played record this last weekend since it’s release. Laying down a double LP is always an impressive treat for fans. Through the project we’ve got Rapper Drake, R&B Drake, and Pop star Drake. All sides to Drake that are often criticized for writing credits and establishing his own creativity. All in all, the King of Toronto delivered an anticipated piece and answered a lot of questions in mind.

There hasn’t been this much hype around the release of a Drake project since the underwhelming ‘Views’ album was released in 2016. The highlighted issue from over hyping an album is setting expectations too high. Thanks to Social Media, news will flash around the world within minutes. Having constant reminders of releases on a timeline could result in the thought of “this album better be good, people won’t stop talking about it”. Let’s be honest, Drake is a super star and any feature he provides an artist will result in global recognition. We would have never known who Blocboy JB was without the help of Drake, lets be real. And we wouldn’t be in front of our mirrors practicing our best “Shoot Dance”. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that his credibility is often question and take bits away from his star power.

Drake stans love this project like everything else he’s released. These same people are forcing themselves to forget that Pusha T diss. Here’s a link in case you forgot. Their reasoning behind not acknowledging the L is simply because Drake makes hits. With that said, “Scorpion” is a fan album. Don’t bother listening for any disses, it’s safe to say both rappers have moved passed that.

We receive word of the album release around April. Drake took to his Instagram and posts a photo of him in that infamous bomber jacket with the release date. You seen this jacket worn by an array of celebrities. Instant album buzz and the race is on for a hot month in music. Kanye produced 5 seven track LPs that have been released in a month. On top of that The Carters gave listeners a surprise album. Drake followed up with his album to complete the list of anticipated mainstream projects for the summer. There’s so much we can all sing along to on our family road trips now!

Amid being filled with lyrics for every Instagram model to abuse, the project is somewhat underwhelming. After dissecting the album, it’s Drizzy explaining himself and why he is where he is. Clever wordplay with the use of signature emotion. We feel what he’s trying to lay out in his recordings but it’s a slow project. The A side accelerates then coasts into the B side. Production was on point per usual but nothing grabbing your ears for a repeat.

In comparison to past projects, Scorpion is in the middle. Unfortunately, when the leader obtains their milestones through their effort in proving themselves over and over, there begins to be a shorter list of goals. Not saying Drake isn’t one of the greatest artists in his day, but he’s peaked in the Hip Hop realm. In regard to R&B, he’s brought what early fans loved during the ‘So Far Gone’ era. The dim lit artistic rhythmic sound that’ll get you texting exes from high school. Don’t drink alcohol while listening to the B side, you’ll be upset with yourself in the morning.

The B side is simply nostalgic and necessary. With all the ghost writer allegations being stirred around, the B side to Scorpion is the side of Drake that blasted his career into the stratosphere. The melodic tones with the oversight of 40 in production is an unstoppable force since Justin Timberlake/Timbaland.

In the Bay Area, they use the term “Slap” to describe the playability of a song. Honestly, “In my Feelings” and “Nice for What” are both slaps and does their best to pay respects to New Orleans Bounce music. The N.O bounce genre where the performer adds their colorful personality over 2 distinct beat patterns. Brought to the forefront by artists, Big Freedia, Juvenile, DJ Jimi, and DJ Jubilee. A soft tune in its appreciation for the N.O sound. It solidifies the inspiration levels Drake has in the studio producing a record for people to enjoy.

Another appreciated record from the B side, “After Dark”. Featuring the deceased friend/collaborator of the late great Aaliyah, Static Major and ultra-talented singer Ty Dollar Sign. For a true 90s R&B fiend, this record hits where it needs to. Find the vintage Tommy Hilfiger jackets and JNCO jeans for this record.

The B side is far more impressive than the A side. Drake reaching into a time machine and creating an album balancing around ‘Bria’s Interlude’. Now that we’ve got a distinction between Rapper and Singer, it’s safe to say R&B Drake remains undefeated while Rapper Drake is still nursing battle wounds. Overall, Drake is an amazing artist, understands what to piece together in creating a hit. With setting bars with every release, Drake can coast into the sun. Dropping records that no matter the case, people will stop and listen. Whether his best work or not, through a long list of songs and accomplishments, it’ll take a lot for anyone to say he’s finished.