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Colony House produce a new release with songs destined to keep misfortune, bad luck and blame for someone else to moan about

The second full release from the alt-pop band Colony House, “Only The Lonely” follows the same format that produced their debut hit single “Silhouettes” that received high praise for the newbies from the music industry in 2014. The sophomore album should satisfy loyal House-Heads as the theme of the release deals with love and relationships.

The band’s 2017 release of “Only the Lonely” to a European audience (the album came out in the US last June) is a follow-up to the well-received 2014 album “When I Was Younger.” 2014 saw the band have a hit song “Silhouettes” fill satellite frequencies voiced by popular listener demand.  The new release from Colony House has already produced an eerily similar radio friendly hit with “You And I” destined to be the background for a future Google phone commercial. 

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Colony House, a mellower version of The Kings Of Leon without the smooth southern grrrr, sing ordered riffs about love and relationships echoing each song with catchy chorus lines. Caleb Chapman hums lyrics that lead one to believe might have come from his real life. “Cannot Do This Alone, Lonely, You And I, Was it Me,” are all songs that follow Colony House format of forgiving lyrics accompanied with bouncing chorus lines that get stuck in your head.

Chapman begs in one song, “Was it me, was it me; that’s me wondering if we will survive-Baby we can figure something out that’s me wondering if we will survive-was it me?” Colony House “Only The Lonely” continue crooning songs about love and relationship by counting to four in the song, “1-2-3-4-Baby you are mine, 1-2, I’ve told you that I need you, 3-4, help me just a little bit more,” producing music that, according to the song “Lonely-a certain type of sadness I’m partial to.”

The new release from the band is filled with persuasive vocals, catchy chorus riffs, and the sounds of melodic drumbeats and rhythm guitar chords. Blended all together, Colony House produce a new release with songs destined to keep misfortune, bad luck and blame for someone else to moan about.Colony House Only The Lonely

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