Colder 'The Rain' - ALBUM REVIEW

Colder ‘The Rain’ – ALBUM REVIEW

‘The Rain’ sees French dance musician Colder run stylistic circles around 2015’s comeback ‘Many Colours’. The new album has been released alongside somewhat of a companion album entitled ‘Goodbye’, but ‘The Rain’ will surely be classed as a much greater highlight in the producer’s career. Let’s take a look…

Tracks like ‘Pass and Go’ and ‘Maracas’ dive into more of a dingy underworld, scraping at bits of hot concrete and chewing gum, producing a far more explorative sound than what we heard on ‘Many Colours’. On the previous record, Colder more-or-less wore his influences like a cashmere sweater, tunnelling through old krautrock records and such – and while he does it here, namely on ‘All Along the Way’ – the overall psychedelic nuances he fiddles with on the two aforementioned tracks are a lot more intriguing and essential than whatever nods one may make to Kraftwerk. No offence Kraftwerk.

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This all-important boost in substance isn’t present throughout the whole album; tracks like ‘Market Day’ and ‘RE 501 Friday Night’ just sound experimental for the sake of it – no real direction, no great attention-to-detail, just a bare attempt at ambience. The only other obvious criticism would be the lack of actual dance tracks, you know, tracks you can dance to. Colder clearly has a range of talents when it comes to music making, but you’d think a musician that is primarily a dance artist might be able to put a few more memorable, catchy, rhythmic pieces together.

‘Holy Night’ is another example of the experimentation falling flat. It’s a pretty big downer to end on, with its minimal presentation that almost manages to reach the gloominess that seemed to be intended. But unfortunately there isn’t much there – it’s naked, and not in a good way.

The improvements on Colder’s previous works are appropriate, enjoyable and welcomed – the stylistic tinkers give ‘The Rain’ a hell of a lot more purpose, and if you’d been put off my previous Colder albums, it’s a sound for sore ears. As mentioned, it has its hiccups, but looking into stranger, psychedelic-type influences has worked out incredibly well. ‘Many Colours’ was passable, ‘The Rain’ is a pleasant piece of artistry.

‘The Rain’ is out now via Bataille

This Colder article was written by Ben Malkin, a GIGsoup contributor

Colder 'The Rain' - ALBUM REVIEW