Cloud Nothings ‘Last Building Burning’

Cloud Nothings
The band rediscovers the taste for making some genuine, loud, grungy noise
Lyrical Content
Overall Impact

Last Building Burning is Cloud Nothings comeback album, out not too long after the previous Life Without Sound. With this work the band rediscovers the taste for making some genuine, loud, grungy noise. The compact eight songs also contain a certain degree of introspection, condensed in thirty minutes or so of incisive music.

“On An Edge” opens up and sets the style around hard-rock guitar and powerful drums, as a steaming locomotive for the journey to begin. The album, especially in its first part, takes on a similar energy blast, a fast-riff formula backed up by a hail shower of drums and multiple bursts of gut feelings. Air-kicking and screaming, with heavy guitars hauling you around.

On another key, “The Echo of the World” shifts the narrative and goes existential, starting from the title. The song is a lyrical reflection, punctuated by riveting word picks. The essential and poetic songwriting is enclosed by metallic, strident guitars and a rhythm crescendo. “So Right So Clean” has a slower mood too, without renouncing to a few plug-ins of howling hard rock.

Placed between the previous two, “Dissolution” is an interesting rarity and multiple things in one. To begin with, it is nearly eleven minutes long, a track somehow pointing at the progressive-rock era. It actually starts alternative and vocal, with some industrial vibes. Then instrumental psychedelia takes the stage, merging percussions with screeching sound and ending up fast again. The finale calls the voice back in, persistently self-questioning “what’s waiting here for me?”.

“Another Way Of Life” bends once more towards fast-rock, in a game of internal correspondences. With a hint of lightness and an eye to the future, the song wraps up the path, as a dive in a parenthesis of sound-travel. Waving goodbye through a sequence of new energetic riffs, the album fades away in an abrupt moment of musical absence.

On tour all over the world during the first quarter of the new year, Cloud Nothings will traverse Europe in January and February 2019. Six concerts are set in the UK, starting on January 25th in Brighton. The following dates will be in Birmingham (26th), Manchester (27th), Glasgow (28th) and Bristol (30th). The Cleveland quartet will then leave the island after the gig on January 31st in London.