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CKY's signature sound remains strong through their repetitive choruses and addictive riffs
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Anyone that is familiar with the riff  to ’96 Quite Bitter Beings’ and the cast of Jackass will recognise the boys that make up CKY.  Following 8 years since their last full length release, the boys  have returned with now lead vocalist Ginsburg himself describing the band as now, ‘well grounded people’.

We’re grown adults now with an eagle-eye perspective on who we are, what we do, and how to do it right,” Ginsburg declares. “None of us are out there in the clouds. We’re pretty well-grounded people that have an honest perspective on where we’re at.” “We made sure that we went into the studio with our guns blazing,” adds Margera. “This isn’t parts thrown together. We focused on the songs. We didn’t ‘have to’ make this album, we wanted to.

Previously serving as lead guitarist, Chad I Ginsburg steps up to lead the band on vocals bringing charisma,rawness and authenticity.  Joined by drummer Jess Margera and bassist Matt Deis the trio come together to make the perfect team of heavy guitar thrashing and distorted rock.

Opening the eight track record with ‘ Replacable’ the guys waste no time getting a jump start on things. Ginsburg provides raspy vocals and gives a powerhouse performance accompanied by a detonating guitar riff.

‘Can you fight the evil deep within your soul?’ asks Ginsberg in the thunderous first single from the record ‘ Days Of Self Destruction’. Ginsburg has stated that the track was inspired by the period of uncertainty surrounding the band following the departure of original frontman Derron Miller. The song features a guest appearance from Mastadons Brent Hinds.

Besides the trio sticking to their roots there are a few tracks on there which may surprise some fans such as ‘ Head for a Breakdown’, a melodic filled slower paced anthem.

Furthermore CKY’s signature sound remains strong through their repetitive choruses and addictive riffs.

The Phoenix is out now via Entertainment One Music.

Track listing

1. Replaceable
2. Days of Self Destruction
3. Unknown Enemy
4. Head for a Breakdown
5. The Other Ones
6. Wiping Off the Dead
7. Lies From You
8. Better Than Get Even
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