Chris Cornell 'Higher Truth' - ALBUM REVIEW
Chris Cornell 'Higher Truth' - ALBUM REVIEW

Chris Cornell ‘Higher Truth’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Chris Cornell article was written by Samantha Melrose, a GIGSoup contributor. Edited by Josh Hummerston

Chris Cornell 'Higher Truth' - ALBUM REVIEWChris Cornell’s highly anticipated fifth studio album ‘Higher Truth’ landed on 18th September and has without a doubt been received far more positively than ‘Scream’. Scream, which was released under producer Timbaland showed Cornell moving towards a more R&B sound. Six years on, and Cornell has taken a more intimate, confessional route, which seems more like a natural progression. Released on Universal Music Group and produced by Brendan O’Brien, ‘Higher Truth’ is a showcase of Cornell’s advanced music making capabilities having sung, composed, performed multiple instruments and written the lyrics for this album.

With an iconic rock voice that spans over three decades, Chris Cornell  has become a household name, having been the front man of Sound garden in which his career began, as well as Audioslave. Not only has he fronted multiple successful bands and been the first American male to sing a James Bond theme, but he is also known as being one of the main founders and architects of the 90’s grunge movement, leading to multiple Grammy awards, as well as a Golden Globe nomination.

The album was carefully constructed by Cornell and producer Brendan O’Brien , with the pair playing the majority of the instruments themselves.

‘Dead wishes’ carefully plucked intro is tantalisingly appealing, a sombre title for such a beautifully delicate track. Alongside ‘Murderer of Blue Skies’ Cornell shows an exploration of a darker affection. ‘Higher Truth’ is an album bleeding with the agony that accompanies heartbreak. Although all the words ring true with the pain of a break up, Cornell seems to lack the sincerity one would expect from such heartfelt lyrics. However the overall emotional depth that Cornell explores within ‘Higher Truth’ is proof that age can benefit an album such as this. With such experience he is able to offer a higher perspective on peoples constant battle with love and fragility.

As much as this stripped back sound suits the nature of the album and Cornell’s mature vocals, it becomes apparent that the album is somewhat predictable. But despite it’s predictability and lack of raw emotion ‘Higher Truth’ proves to be a nice listen packed full of acoustic excellence.

‘Higher Truth’ is out now on Universal Music

The full track-listing for Higher Truth is as follows…

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

Dead Wishes

Worried Moon

Before We Disappear

Through The Window


Murderer Of Blue Skies

Higher Truth

Let Your Eyes Wander

Only These Words


Our Time In The Universe

Chris Cornell 'Higher Truth' - ALBUM REVIEW