Cane Hill ‘Too Far Gone’

The fuse of this release is short and quick to ignite, but the burn is slow and searing, leaving a scar on all who listen to it
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Slotted to be one of the biggest bands to hit to alternative scene this year, Cane Hill, just released their second full length album ‘Too Far Gone.’ This release is aggressive and powerful, exactly what they needed to release if they want to fulfill the prophecy of success.

The metalcore band formed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2011 with industrial metal, nu metal, and hip hop as their influences. Their debut, ‘Smile,’ put the band on the map in the alternative scene. Many music publications predicted (and hoped) for a follow up album to push the band into the next level. ‘Too Far Gone’ may have done just that.

Cane Hill sounds like a hybrid mix between the classic metal act Metallica and the gothic performers Motionless in White. Most songs begin with drum patterns that are unique and completely worthy of the listeners full attention. The vocals throughout the new release are strong, contending with bands that have been in the scene for years with legions of followers, while the screams are heavy, aggressive, angry and demanding. The whispers are creepy, chilling, and chanting. The clean vocals are crisp, although they don’t make appearances often.

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The title track, ‘Too Far Gone,’ is a great introduction to the album. Elijah Witt, the vocalist, begins the song with a hauntingly deep voice. The song is intense. The band is slamming their foot down on the metalcore scene and making their presence known. The song seizes back and forth in the best way possible, and the only way to understand that description is to listen to the song.

‘10 cents’, is demanding and hostile. The song has a creepy breakdown at the two minute mark of the song that creates a very dark mood. The song exudes attitude and emotion. Witt’s pain is obvious as he screams “all my heroes are dead now.” Another song, ‘Why?’, is nothing like the rest of the record. This more rock n roll and less metal, this is where Witt’s clean vocals make one of their only appearances on the record. The song is almost electronic in places, but it still fits with the the ambiance of the rest of the record. The guitar snarls and shows the true talent of the band.

Finally, ‘It Follows’ is a song that truly reflects the old saying that “time flies when you’re having fun” because it feels very short for the three minutes and forty-seven seconds that it plays. The song is eerie and complicated with lyrics confessing themselves as a “magnet for pain”. The song ends with a series of chimes that send shivers down the spine. As a result, these massive metal songs are bound to become hits.

Overall, Cane Hill does not disappoint. The lyrics are graceful and hateful, both enchanting and growling, and show the future of metal music. The fuse of this release is short and quick to ignite, but the burn is slow and searing, leaving a scar on all who listen to it.

‘Too Far Gone’ is out now via  Rise Records. The albums full track listing is as follows…

  1. Too Far Gone
  2. Lord of the Flies
  3. Singing in the Swamp
  4. Erased
  5. Why?
  6. It Follows
  7. Scumbag
  8. Hated
  9. 10 cents
  10. The End
Cane Hill
Cane Hill’s new release ‘Too Far Gone.’