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The natural grandeur to HOME allows a look into Willitz’s heart; a 9-track album creating an intimate exploration and time for reflection and enjoyment

Having captured the unique live sound that resonates within Chicago, Caleb Willitz produced album HOME out of two beautifully unconstrained recording sessions. These sessions have brought together a collection of experimental folk songs that are so vividly immersive.

With a sound so intense it’s logical that the album begins immediately with ‘Queen of all mothers’. The immediacy of the album creates an immersive listening experience with Willitz’s musical skills shine bright, there is an immediate understanding of all of the musical elements that are included within the album and enforce the want to appreciate what is and is not there.

The various musical voices are effortlessly expressed within ‘Apparently Alive’ each merging to create a unique narrative of countless sounds,one of exploration and intrigue. It is easy to imagine that the incorporation of so many elements could become overbearing, however Willitz has managed to capture the beauty of musical improvisation exceptionally, creating a sound that is the perfect accompaniment to a long drive, and reflection.

There is an undoubtable ease to the album manifesting from the array of intense emotions. Instrumental talents are exhibited, lyrical talents and the talents of creating an entirely new emotion that is not quite possible to grasp. This evoking of seemingly new, yet unreachable, emotions is something that Willtz constantly achieves throughout the duration of the album, through the beautiful and honest manipulation of lyrics and sounds. There is a consistency to the emotion within HOME, which encourages closeness and emotional intimacy, a closeness to being, to nature and to life itself. This album is certainly more than just a collection of songs, it is a collection of experiences, some shared others not. It’s a collection of various points of view and most notably it is a collection of honest musicianship between such diverse musicians each coming together as one unit.

HOME transforms into an experience of easier listening, it seems to develop as a day would, gradually getting slower, almost darker. ‘Say You will’ is a perfect example of what HOME means, it captures beautiful instrumental work as well as breath-taking vocals and lyrics. It is here that the narrative seems to naturally begin to end, nothing is forced and nothing more added that will take anything away.

The natural grandeur to HOME allows a look into Willitz’s heart; a 9-track album creating an intimate exploration and time for reflection and enjoyment. It is difficult to achieve such an outstandingly powerful album in such a short space of time, and yet the emotions that this album is fuelled by have achieved just that. Caleb WIllitz has created an album of loss and rebirth, that is heart-warming and exudes talent and passion throughout. There is an excitement of improvisation and live music that has been captured within HOME, something that will not be forgettable when listened to.

‘HOME’ is out now


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