Bruised But Not Broken 'Relevant Letters' – ALBUM REVIEW
Bruised But Not Broken 'Relevant Letters' – ALBUM REVIEW

Bruised But Not Broken ‘Relevant Letters’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Bruised But Not Broken article was written by Rachel Boagey, a GIGsoup contributor.  Edited by Hazel Webster.

Following the release of their debut album ‘Fragments’ back in March 2014, American post-hardcore 5-piece Bruised But Not Broken have now released their long-awaited second LP ‘Relevant Letters‘.  The new release is a big step up from their slightly messy first album, and if there was ever any doubt about the band finding their sound before, there surely isn’t now.

The title track ‘Relevant Letters’ is a promising opener which sets the scene for the rest of the album, with vocalist Hudson Hower screaming that “We are the brick layers, the story tellers. These are the Relevant Letters”.

Other band members include drummer Matt Bentley, bassist Zac Johnson and guitarist Trevor Floyd, who work comfortably together in telling a heavily spiritual story of a girl facing her demons, successfully producing their strongest work so far.

The band said: “It’s very exciting to finally be able to release what we’ve been working on for the last year.  ’Relevant Letters’ in its entirety is a story – following a character through events of spiritual warfare, anxiety, trial, triumph and redemption. Each song represents its own piece of the story, the character, and each person listening.”

No album comes without flaws, however, and often Hower’s death growl can sound slightly strained. Luckily, he doesn’t struggle when it comes to proving his singing voice by belting out some of his best hooks in songs such as ‘War Paint’ and ‘Fight Through the Night’.

The track ‘De-Vision’ delves into theories surrounding science and religion and interestingly points to the potential for both entities to be combined.  The album finally proves its suggested individuality right at the end with a spoken prayer within the song titled simply ‘†’.  “Bless everyone who hears this album,” say the voices.

“So will you fight, or will you flee?” asks Hower.  This album is definitely one worth fighting for.

‘Relevant Letters’ is out now via Standby Records.

Bruised But Not Broken 'Relevant Letters' album review