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Blair St. Clair's debut is a triumphant one

Indiana-born drag queen Blair St. Clair first shot to fame earlier this year when she debuted on television on the VH1 reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race and gathered a sizable fan base from her short-lived run in the competition. Upon the announcement of her elimination, she released her debut single “Now or Never”, along with an accompanying music video, and later announced to release of her debut album ‘Call My Life’.

“Now or Never” was more than appropriate after her Drag Race elimination; the song captures St. Clair’s vow to move on from unhealthy dependency and negativity that plagues her. She has revealed since the track’s release that she had suffered with alcoholism to cope with traumatic events that she had been put through in her teenage years. St. Clair commented that the song was about “finally taking charge and taking light” of her life, and the dance elements accompanying these deep and autobiographical lyrics works well as there is an inference in a strong fast tempo beat that it exudes confidence, newfound strength and empowerment – all of which St. Clair has brought out since her run on Drag Race was cut short.

This single puts across the common concept in music of hiding the darker topics in the lyrics with the lighthearted loud beat of the everyday dance song, and while this is not new in the music industry, it can be taken as a mirroring of St. Clair’s own handling of her life. On her last appearance on Drag Race, she told the judges, “I’ve come from some really dark moments in my life, and I want to lighten them up and become more positive.” She went on to say she urged to “find daintiness” because of how she would feel negatively about herself, and there is a reflection of that in using a dance track to tell the listener about escaping unhealthy and unhelpful situations and moving on to brighter things. That’s what makes “Now or Never” one of the most personal tracks on the album and the correct choice for St. Clair to use to kick-start her music career.

The title track “Call My Life” is the first track on the album’s track list, and with a gentler introduction and a slower build-up to the jumping chorus, it pulls in and captivates the listener. Every successful album has a way to grab the listener’s attention, and this is definitely one way to do it. The build-up to each chorus feels natural – even with the electronic elements and vocal manipulation thrown in – and it will surely be added to every drag queen’s nightclub playlist from now on. And that’s the fun with Blair St. Clair recording an electronic/dance album: being a queen who lives, breathes and death drops Broadway, it’s a great twist to have this dancing queen put out a more adventurous sound that drifts away from the musical numbers she must be used to and have down perfectly. This shows versatility, and if the drag community is anything to go by, a versatile queen is a good queen – and Blair St. Clair is a versatile queen.

St. Clair’s tendency to weave her own personal aspects of life into her music continue into the track “Irresistible”. Being a more sensual song, focusing on immediate physical attraction rather than any true heartfelt emotion. Throughout the song, there are hints of “taking this illusion” and to “make it your reality” in the lyrics and this could be taken as referring to St. Clair’s drag career which undoubtedly is a huge part of her appeal in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon that drag performers gather a whole new sense of themselves when in these made-up alter egos, and that includes a new sense of confidence and high self-esteem, and that is just as true with St. Clair when she hits the stage. She is that delicate, feminine figure – and this tune is one where the listener can catch that femininity in her vocals. She has a calming voice, youthful and full of life, gentle and in all honesty loving, and with accompaniment by instruments such as harpsichord, it works out and makes a sweet yet seductive track which is worth playing over and over.

Blair St. Clair’s debut is a triumphant one, with fans loving what she has put out, as well as her fellow Drag Race sisters. Useful for a night out with the girls or a lip-sync battle with the queens, a Friday night is not complete without a Blair St. Clair track.

‘Call My Life’ is out now via Producer Entertainment Group.

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