Black Falcon ‘Turn Around and Face The Sun’

Black Falcon
Like a pedigree Rottweiler this promising debut is strong, rooted in tradition but with the potential to bite!
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Black Falcon’s debut album ‘Turn Around and Face the Sun’ sounds like what would happen if you locked a guitar band in a room with two litres of Mezcal, 5lbs of red meat and forced them to watch the Wickerman and the 80s classic Hardware on repeat while listening to a mixture of 70s and 80s Punk and Classic Rock.

Black Falcon mine a rich vein of classic rock originating in early Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath et al and more recently promoted by the likes of Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, The Black Spiders and Orange Goblin. Marrying rhythm and lead guitar, intricate bass lines with modern metal drumming and a vocalist with a set of pipes Westminster Abbey would be proud of Black Falcon are an archetypal rock band which could in other circumstances be a disadvantage.

What lifts this debut from the morass of two dimensional rock acts is the way they bestride the twin camps of metal and punk like the Colossus of Rhodes harbour. Not the first to set out their store in multiple genres Black Falcon are more vocally old school rock than The Damned, more punky guitar licks than Motorhead and substantially less Irish than Thin Lizzy.

From the opening chords of Wipe Out Gods to the final refrain of Walls Come Down the energy is high, the quality of instrumentation is stellar and the production allows the band the chance to sound like themselves and not to be too polished or too manufactured. There is an honesty and authenticity to this recording that is much of its charm. It’s not short of catchy hooks either. In particular, the chorus of Great To Be You and much of Pixel Queen is infinitely memorable and you may find yourself humming it later in the bath. The stand out tracks are where the traditional rock vocal is set to a more energetic angrier pace and where the bass is sometimes given a bit more space Release The Hounds especially has a great vibe right the way through and the rocked up – Eton Rifles-esque start of Great To Be You is terrific and coupled with a earworm of a chorus has much to offer.

This album will appeal to those who like their rocking heavy but yearn for the finesse of yesteryear, you can trace the lineage back to an era where rock was at its apex but this evolution has added in modern production, punk attitude and stolen the best bits of a few of the greats along the way. Like a pedigree Rottweiler this promising debut is strong, rooted in tradition but with the potential to bite!

Turn Around and Face the Sun is out on 26/10/18 find the band at

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