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BIGBANG have achieved new heights with “MADE”, truly their most varied and best album to date

K-pop’s global popularity has been growing at a fast rate and BIGBANG is one of the reasons why. Ever since beating America’s highest paid all-male band Maroon 5 on the “Forbes Celebrity 100” list they have proven themselves on a global stage. They have been around for over a decade and write produce their own songs which is what sets them apart from the competition in the pop and k-pop world. “MADE” is the third South Korean album and fifth Japanese album. The eldest member of the band TOP began serving his mandatory military service after the recording of the album with the remaining members having to do the same in the future, thus “MADE” is their final album indefinitely unless an reunion occurs in the far future.

The record kicks off with “Fxxk It”, an upbeat, enjoyable party tune. The chorus is catchy and bouncy, with a general tone of letting go of ones worries. “Last Dance” signifies a very mellow farewell from the band and has an emotional punch with the lyrics “Just one last dance” resonating through this pop-ballad. “Girlfriend” presents a chilled-out hip-hop sound and reflecting fondly on one’s significant other. “Let’s Not Fall in Love” is a touching, calm love song. A showcase of each of the member’s vocal strengths, with rock-pop elements via the drums and the song’s rhythm.

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“Loser” is a truly gripping song and a great achievement for the band. Whichever language you speak it has a profound emotional affect with its blending of R&B and a slow pace. “Bae Bae” is in complete contrast to “Loser”, it is a playful, fun love song. With its optimistic drums and high energy, it doesn’t disappoint. “Bang Bang Bang” is the flagship dance song on the album, it is truly powerful, blatant and bold. Simply put, a great party track.

“Sober” is a nice exploration into the pop-rock side of things thanks to the guitars and drums. It is a catchy, fun, easy-listening, bright song. “If You” presents a more sensitive side in the form of a ballad. With calm acoustic guitar and wide range of vocals set the tone. “Zutter” is a duet between the subunit GD & TOP. The most hip-hop inspired track with an exhibition in rap and style.  “We Like 2 Party” is a care-free, light, bouncy song. A more playful side of the band is shown and leaves a lasting impression.

“MADE” is a perfect exhibition of hip hop, R&B, pop-rock, dance and pop blended into one. A combination of soothing vocals with hard hitting rap prove the band has vast variety, all while maintaining the highest of standards. “

“MADE” is out now via YG Entertainment.https://www.gigsoupmusic.com

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