Andy Cooper ‘the layered effect’

The entire album exudes excitement and character, with it's catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics. It's a brilliant body of work and delivers a refreshing sound
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Fresh, funky and nostalgic. Three words that can be used to describe this album.

Cooper pays homage to old school Hip Hop on this project, with his rap flow and creative instrumentation; a breath of fresh air. It’s  evidence to how much Hip Hop has changed over the years.

Staying true to the title, there are cleverly constructed layers and beautiful transitions throughout the album. This is remarkably demonstrated in the track ‘Layers (Interlude)’, where Cooper repeats the words “Here comes another one”. The more the track progresses, is the more that various instruments and sounds are added. For example, the track goes from symbals and Hi-Hats then a shaker comes in followed by a steady tambourine and then loud trumpets and a Saxophone. It sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Elements of Jazz and smooth R&B can be heard in the tracks “Can’t be satisfied” and “Last of a dying breed”. Highlighting Cooper’s versatility and ability to incorporate various styles and genres perfectly. In “Last of a dying breed”, Cooper addresses how the original style of Hip Hop is dying, “remember back in days, he used to be centre stage, but then the spotlight fades and shines on a different age.” Yet, it’s a style that he will always love and won’t let go of.

Features on the album include Blabbermouf and Abdominal – two extremely talented MC’s. Showcasing their incredible rapid rap flow on tracks “Here comes another one” and “Anything goes”. Great choices for the album.

The entire album exudes excitement and character, with it’s catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s a brilliant body of work and delivers a refreshing sound.

The full track listing is as follows…

01. Here Comes Another One (feat. BlabberMouf)
02. Layers (Interlude)
03. Get On That
04. The Perfect Definition
05. Do The Andy Puppet
06. Last Of A Dying Breed
07. Anything Goes (Abdominal)
08. Can’t Be Satisfied
09. B-Boy Blues
10. Sizzling Hot
11. Rick Said So
12. A New Dawn

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