Amber Run 'For A Moment, I was Lost'

Amber Run ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’

It’s an album of emotions, it’s gritty, atmospheric and honest without being a cliché, they’ve managed to create an album that evokes escapism
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After joining a new record label it seems that Amber Run have found their place with themselves and with their music; they’re set to be releasing their second full-length Album, ‘For A For a Moment, I Was Lost’, on Februrary 10th and with a name like that there’s no ignoring the honesty and ambition that runs through the album.

The entirety of the album is like looking into the minds of Amber Run, It’s a personal account of their experiences, presented honestly and progressing just as emotions would even within songs. There is an effortlessly immersive nature to the song ‘Perfect’, its lyrics are honest with the likes of “I’ve got to be perfect” and “I wanna fall in love with the perfect stranger.” They’re things most people have experienced and yet hearing it adds an almost uncomfortably relevant feeling to the song. Amber Run have achieved an impeccable balance to the feelings of their songs, with an integration of harsh and more soft, melodic vocals and instrumentation ranging throughout songs. It’s this that expresses, again, the honesty of what they’re producing; they’re music progresses just as emotions do, leaving nothing predictable nor too similar. Which is why the variation of rhythms and moods feels so natural and yet powerful.

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There is a captivating quality to ‘For a Moment, I Was Lost’ that is carried through each song. What Amber Run have managed to do is present each song with such individualism, musicianship and authenticity that this captivation adapts and creates an entirely different realm of sounds for the listener to experience.

Similarly, to previous album ‘5am’ there is an impactful incorporation of a more mellow sound to ‘For a Moment, I Was Lost’. Song “White Lie” stands out as an experience of encapsulation, it’s one of the softer songs on the album that feels like a late night drive through a brightly lit city; it allows for focus and introspection through lyrics like “I’m a loser and I don’t wanna be anything else.” There is an entire world that Amber Run have opened up through their musicianship and lack of fear in allowing an honest narrative portrayal, it is a world that will only continue to expand and progress into something even more moving.

It’s rare to find an album, that isn’t a debut, where the artist keeps their established sound and yet sound completely different. It’s even rarer to find an album that can have the same impact on the first listen as to the fifth listen and yet Amber Run have managed to do so setting themselves up for a much deserved lengthy career.

Often bands are labelled as “ones to watch” or “game-changers” and it certainly seems that Amber Run, not only deserve these titles but, have earned them so naturally with the release of ‘For a Moment, I Was Lost.’ It’s set to be one of the strongest releases of 2017 and will raise the bar particularly high for albums released in the coming months. It’s an album of emotions, it’s gritty, atmospheric and honest without being a cliché, they’ve managed to create an album that evokes escapism. it’s an arrangement of songs that feels like time, emotions and the relationship between the two, making you feel comfortably alone and yet so in touch with everything simultaneously.Amber Run 'For A Moment, I was Lost'