ALBUM REVIEW : Walk Off The Earth – 'Sing It All Away'
ALBUM REVIEW : Walk Off The Earth – 'Sing It All Away'

ALBUM REVIEW : Walk Off The Earth – ‘Sing It All Away’

This ‘Walk Off The Earth’ review was written by ‘Rita Vicinanza‘, a GIGsoup contributor.

Raise a hand who doesn’t know Walk Off the Earth. There probably exist very few people unaware of this band, whose video for Somebody That I Used To Know went viral on YouTube in 2012. This live cover of Gotye and Kimbra’s famous song had such a success because of the original approach the group had to it – one acoustic guitar and the five members alternatively providing main or backing vocals, singing “a cappella” style and each of them somehow involved in the playing of the instrument.

Three years later, the new album Sing It All Away retains little of the innovative breeze with which the band had swept the musical scene. The first impression is that the record is but a collection of all similar sounding tracks in which Walk Off the Earth repeat themselves over and over again. The second impression is that not only the album is dull and redundant, it also has no direction whatsoever – copying from other artists and resulting in a chaotic mixture of genres which are merely recognisable before ending up once more in the same patterns, rhythms and melodies.

All you can hear in this record are stadium-size choruses à la Coldplay, tribal beats that gradually evolve into more electronic sounds ready to fill in the airwaves of your local discotheque, simple and catchy radio-friendly tunes and trite lyrics.

Take Home We’ll Go – whistles, banjos, stomping rhythms and a chorus that sounds all too familiar. Inadvertently reprising the Italian version of The Story of Pollyanna’s opening theme, it sounds like a pastoral, Southern U.S.A. country song at first but soon turns into a techno-pop composition – Avicii would either be proud or sue the group for plagiarism. This is even clearer when you find out there’s a Steve Aoki remix of this track at the end of the album. It all makes sense now. But if this mash-up is the real innovation, the band had better spare us.

Clapping hands, rapped words and sing-alongs. Somewhere you spot Rihanna, somewhere else you find Hayley Williams. If Walk Off the Earth wanted to keep doing covers, they should have kept doing covers – they were good material.

If anything, the record is appropriately named – it’s very easy to Sing It All Away. Praise for the members being able to switch from an instrument to the other – being multi-instrumentalists is impressive. The album instead may well be chosen as the soundtrack of the next World Cup.

‘Sing It All Away’ is out now on ‘Columbia Records’

You can see ‘Walk Off The Earth’ live at one of the following venues…

1st October 2015 – The Institute, Birmingham TICKETS

2nd October 2015 – Manchester Academy, Manchester TICKETS

3rd October 2015 – Rock City, Nottingham TICKETS

4th October 2015 – O2 ABC, Glasgow TICKETS

6th October 2015 – Leeds University Union TICKETS

7th October 2015 – Roundhouse, London TICKETS

8th October 2015 – E-Werk & Palladium Kohl, Cologne TICKETS

9th October 2015 – Vooruit, Gent TICKETS

10th October 2015 – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht TICKETS

12th October 2015 – Batschkapp Frankfurt, Frankfurt TICKETS

13th October 2015 – Olympia, Paris TICKETS

14th October 2015 – Docks, Hamburg TICKETS

16th October 2015 – Fryshuset Klubben/ Arenan, Stockholm TICKETS

17th October 2015 – Train, Aarhus TICKETS

18th October 2015 – Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin TICKETS

20th October 2015 – Roxy Club Praha, Prague TICKETS

21st October 2015 – Gasometer, Vienna TICKETS

23rd October 2015 – Kesselhaus, Munich TICKETS

24th October 2015 – Les Docks, Lausanne TICKETS

25th October 2015 – Dynamo Zürich (offiziell), Zürich TICKETS

26th October 2015 – Fabrique Milano, Milan TICKETS

The full track-listing for ‘Sing It All Away’ is as follows…

‘Rule the World’

‘I’ll Be Waiting’

‘Home We’ll Go’

‘Hold On (The Break)’


‘Sing It All Away’

‘Climb Out Your Window’

‘California Trees’


‘Heart is a Weapon’

‘We Got Love’

‘Home We’ll Go (Take My Hand)’

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