Team Me - Blind as Night - New album released though Propeller Recordings on 26th Jan 2015.
Team Me - Blind as Night

ALBUM REVIEW : Team Me – ‘Blind as Night’

You’ve probably all used a dimmer switch in the past. That piece of engineering genius that, when dimmed, can create an atmosphere perfect for romance and then, when turned in the opposite direction, is usually the only way to find the back of your girlfriends earing. Well, this analogy is perfect for describing the new ‘Team Me’ album ‘Blind as Night’ (Propeller Recordings – 26th January 2015).

The ‘Blind as Night’ switch has been turned as far to the right as humanly possible. If it were powering a light-bulb then it would be streaming blinding light throughout your front room, causing one to shield their eyes for fear of retina damage. The LP is loud, brash and unapologetically frenetic. It’s an Indie-pop melting pot that rarely pauses for breath, but instead thunders from one glorious track to another.

The Norwegian band pick up where they left us in 2011 with their debut ‘To the Treetops!’ This isn’t meant as a criticism as the format clearly worked once so why re-invent the wheel? This time around the overall song writing is much stronger though. From opening track ‘Riding My Bicycle’ to ‘F is For Faker’ the melodies, and sometimes overwhelming velocity of the tracks, fuddles your senses. It’s invigorating, fist punching music that should only be listened to stood vertically.

The beautiful ‘Le Sound’ offers a momentary break from the chaos. Ironically this medium paced track is the stand-out on the album. It’s a well thought out and produced song that gives the listener a brief moment of rest-bite before re-joining the chaos.

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The comparison to Polyphonic Spree is an obvious one and featured heavily in reviews for their debut LP. However, ‘Team Me’ have created their own niche here. Sure, there are huge anthemic tracks throughout but it’s their personal touches (like the introduction of a children’s choir and their unconventional recording locations) that make this unequivocally their sound.

‘Blind as Night’ is out on the 25th January 2015, via Propeller Recordings.

The full track-listing for ‘Blind as Night’ is as follows…

Riding My

Kick & Curse

Man-Eating Machine

F is for Faker

Le Sound

Did We Lose Something Here

Are You Still in Love


The All Time High

Blind As Night

Or, see the band live at one of these venues…

Jan 16 – Folken, Stavanger

Jan 23 – St.Croix, Fredrikstad

Jan 24 – Ankerske Scene, Fauske

Jan 28 – Gøteborg Film Festival, Gothenburg

Jan 31 – Skala, Haugesund

Feb 04 – Kultursenteret Isak, Trondheim

Feb 06 – Samfunnet, Rena

Feb 07 – Gregers, Hamar

Feb 18 – Deaf Institute, Manchester

Feb 19 – London Oslo, London

Feb 20 – Botanique Rotonde, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode

Feb 21 – La Flèche d’Or, Paris

Feb 22 – Bibelot, Dordrecht

Feb 23 – Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam

Feb 25 – Knust, Hamburg

Feb 26 – Kassablanca, Jena

Feb 27 – Beatpol, Dresden

Feb 28 – Lido, Berlin

Mar 01 – Gebaude 9, Cologne

Mar 03 – Gleis 22, Munster

Mar 04 – E-Werk, Erlangen

Mar 05 – Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg

Mar 06 – Schonschon, Mainz

Mar 07 – Between The Beats Festival, Lorrach

Mar 09 – Ampere, Munich

Mar 10 – Magnolia, Milan

Mar 11 – Bogen F, Zurich

Mar 12 – Saumarkettheatre, Feldkirch

Mar 13 – Rhiz, Vienna

Mar 14 – Lucerna Music Bar, Prague


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