Soak Before We Forgot How To Dream

ALBUM REVIEW : Soak – ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’

This ‘Soak’ review was written by Rachael Chinery, a GIGsoup contributor.

Drawing a parallel with Joni Mitchell and Cat Power, a tenderly aged Bridie Monds-Watson elicited the forecast of her authentic, fresh prosperity, consequently heightening the anticipation enveloping Soak’s overdue debut LP, Before We Forgot How To Dream.

From the outset; minimal, understated.

Ornamental, gentle layers of subtle instrumentation sit softly behind, and somewhat overshadowed by, Bridie’s impeccably raw vocals, conceiving an aura of atmospheric, emotive intensity, beauty and weightlessness.

However, little does it vary. Little does it provoke more emotion than one. Little do tracks ’24 Windowed House’, ‘Reckless Behavior’, and ‘Shuvels’, albeit retaining Soak’s soft delicacy, sound more than mere B-sides.

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Conversely, ‘B a noBody”s astoundingly hypnotic use of washed-out guitar and breathy vocals; ‘Oh Brother”s dark ambiance and obscurity, and ‘Sea Creature”s lightly layered nautical textures and upbeat feeling of contentment; are defining illustrations of the capacity and potential that Soak will inevitably achieve.

Before We Forgot How To Dream narrates melancholic tales of adolescence exposed through self-exploited vulnerability, naivety and tenderly executed songs of bittersweet realism; unveiling a streaking sense of fragility and teenage discontent. It’s that same subtlety that forms the enigmatic sense of it being delicately understated that begins to linger; longing for depth, a breaking point, a catalyst; forcing and amalgamating a grittier, passionate and furthered intensity with Soak’s prevailing emotive frailty.

‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ is out now on Rough Trade

The full track-listing for ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ is as follows…

‘My Brain’

‘B a noBody’



‘Sea Creatures’

‘A Dream To Fly’

’24 Windowed House’



‘Hailstones Don’t Hurt’

‘Reckless Behaviour’

‘If Everyone is Someone – No One is Everyone’

‘Oh Brother’


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