ALBUM REVIEW : Simon Love - 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time'
ALBUM REVIEW : Simon Love - 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time'

ALBUM REVIEW : Simon Love – ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time’


This ‘Simon Love’ article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor

Simon Love’s It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time blends a boppy indie pop sound with a dusting of crunchy processed synths. Overall the LP is pleasing to the ear and will inspire belly laughs of awkwardness in its listeners. Love’s roots within indie music are fairly well established; in the early 2000s he helped found

The Loves, an indie band with a sound similar to Love’s solo effort. Both acts are managed by Fortuna Pop, a record label that seems to enjoy nurturing a dark sense of humour in its artists. Have a listen to Chain and the Gang’s Minimum Rock and Roll Does Not Contain the Following and you’ll get a sense of this. The Loves have gone through an impressive twenty-five members, (the same amount of changes as Nine Inch Nails if you’re interested) and have a reputation for amazing live performances. With this in mind, how well does Simon Love hold up as a solo artist?

‘ISLAGIATT’ launches immediately into an ironically whimsical tone, which influences heavily throughout. The opening track Love Is A Dirty Word features a clinky piano and numerous harmonies, which give a sense of the indie-pop landscape that Simon Love has sat comfortably in for years. Track 9 The Meaning of Love brings together impressive arrangement of instruments to create fast paced and funky sound. The track has gained momentum due to its Booker T-esc beat and memorable organ. The deadpan voice of Stewart Lee is also featured, reading from a Wikipedia page. It sounds like a strange mixture, but The Meaning of Love stands pretty firmly out from the others as a unique little groove within a twinkly indie pop album filled with simple guitar and piano melodies.

The album is very funny, and listening intently to its lyrics is a big barrel of laughs. Simon Love’s whimsical tone and often dark, morbid lyrics evoke strong memories of the irrefutably grim ditties sung by Daniel Knox. However, Love’s velvety vocals and quirky harmonies keep the whole album high-spirited throughout. The LP is definitely a triumphant debut; it’s lyrically refreshing, and is well produced. ISLAGIATT will most certainly delight indie-pop fans that are looking for something that’s just a little bit different to the usual fair.

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Some of the tracks however, suffer from being a bit too long and repetitive. ‘Sweetheart, You Should Probably Go To Sleep’ is disappointingly, a little bit dull, which is a shame considering how uniquely humorous the earlier tracks are. The samey and simple melody of the track simply doesn’t keep the ear interested enough.

However, on the whole the LP has a lovely rustic sound to it; you wont find much artificial alerting here, which gives ISLAGIATT a truly rough-cut sound. This is both a blessing and a curse. Love’s vocals are occasionally drowned in the crashing instruments around him, but mostly it gives the LP a clean sound. ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time’ is out via Fortuna POP! on the 7th August 2015

The full track-listing for ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time’ is as follows…

‘**** (Is a Dirty Word)’

‘The New Adam & Eve’

‘Dear Boy’


‘Wowie Zowie’

‘Sweetheart, You Should Probably Go to Sleep’

‘Don’t Get the Gurl No More’

‘This Meaning of Love’ – feat. Stewart Lee

‘You Kiss You Mother with That Mouth?’

‘Elton John’

‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time’

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