ALBUM REVIEW : Rachel Sermanni - 'Tied To The Moon'
ALBUM REVIEW : Rachel Sermanni - 'Tied To The Moon'

ALBUM REVIEW : Rachel Sermanni – ‘Tied To The Moon’

This ‘Rachel Sermanni’ was written by Richard Holmes, a GIGsoup contributor

3*Tied To The Moon is the second album from Scottish songstress Rachel Sermanni. Following 2012’s Under Mountains, Tied To The Moon demonstrates a slight change in direction for Sermanni with some of her folk charm replaced with a mild indie blueprint and previous charming subject matter replaced with some darker tones.

Listening to Rachel Sermanni, you are immediately drawn to her voice. With years of dedicated touring under her belt, Sermanni has developed a signature sound; soft and soaring, aloof yet warm. Though a pleasure to listen to, this voice doesn’t quite sit right alongside some of Tied To The Moon’s more crunchy guitar tones, ‘Tractor’ being one of these. It seems to hold back the more melodic vocal qualities we’ve come to expect of Sermanni. Thankfully, this voice shines beautifully with songs such as ‘Begin’, ‘Old Lady’s Lament’ and ‘Don’t Fade’ – a particular standout, with Rachel’s trademark guitar picking and light piano motifs complimenting her voice perfectly.

You also feel some features of the album need to be explored further. ‘I’ve Got A Girl’ teases with wonderful folk-noir lo-fi production techniques, suiting her style wonderfully. Listen to the opening and your attention is immediately drawn in. Unfortunately, you feel it only goes on to stick with a more tried-and-tested structure, and the same can be said for the album’s opening, ‘Run’.

Rachel Sermanni has always been a charming listen and Tied To The Moon is no exception to this. An intimate, melancholic collection of finely crafted tunes, Tied To The Moon is an interesting new chapter from her and again demonstrates what a wonderful vocal talent she is. A pleasant listen, but lacking that certain standout sparkle.

‘Tied To The Moon’ is out on the 10th July 2015 via Middle of Nowhere Recordings

You can see Rachel Sermanni at one of the following venues…

8th September 2015 – Privatcub, Berlin TICKETS

9th September 2015 – Mojo Jazz Cafe, Hamburg TICKETS

5th October 2015 – Eden Court, Inverness TICKETS

6th October 2015 – Oran Mor, Glasgow TICKETS

The full track-listing for ‘Tied To The Moon’ is as follows…


‘Wine Street Wine’

‘Old Ladies Lament’

‘I’ve Got a Girl’

‘Don’t Fade’



‘Banks Are Broken’


‘This Love’

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