ALBUM REVIEW : Being As An Ocean - 'Being As An Ocean'
ALBUM REVIEW : Being As An Ocean - 'Being As An Ocean'

ALBUM REVIEW : Being As An Ocean – ‘Being As An Ocean’

This ‘Being As An Ocean’ article was written by Sam Coleman, a GIGsoup contributor

4*Being As An Ocean are a band on the rise, thanks to a series of energetic, heartfelt live performances which have seen them tour the world over. It’s business as usual for their third album, a self-titled effort full of inspirational lyrics (the kind you’ll see plastered all over Tumblr soon enough) and big, big tunes.

Opener ‘Little Ritchie’ is the perfect embodiment of Being As An Ocean’s sound; a ferocious explosion of fury and noise, sprinkled with slow spoken word sections and an anthemic clean chorus, seemingly tailor-made for the live scene. ‘In the end, it’s Love that wins’ is a remarkably apt line too, considering recent events.

This intriguing fusion is continued throughout the album, especially on ‘The Zealot’s Blindfold’ and ‘Sleeping Sicarii’ – the vocal bittersweet tandem of Joel Quartuccio and Michael McGough combine beautifully to create interesting vocal sections which contrast yet click and define the band’s sound on this album. Combined with the gravitas of the spoken word sections, the vocal work is pretty spectacular throughout.

It’s easy to focus on those powerful vocal performances and ignore the rest of the band, but they get their moments to shine too – ‘Forgetting Is Forgiving The I’ is a mid-album highlight, giving the guitars and rhythm section the opportunity to create a track full of drive, energy and hooks.

Religious iconography and inspiration runs throughout the album’s lyrics (most notably on ‘Judas, Our Brother’) but it never distracts or comes across as preachy; a great example comes from ‘St. Peter’ which boldly states ‘We must own and control the dark that we’re given’, highlighting the band’s thought-provoking and empowering message that can be seen throughout the album, if you pore over the lyrics carefully.

With their self-titled album, Being As An Ocean once again escape the cliches of the genre (there’s not a single breakdown on the album, for example) and continue to bolster their sound with some spectacular vocal work while also adding a few more killer tunes to their live repertoire.

If you didn’t dig their style before, turn away now – it’s highly unlikely that this album will change your mind. If you’re willing to open your mind and try something unique and new, Being As An Ocean might just lodge their way in and bury themselves deep.

The full track-listing for this self-titled album is as follows…

‘Little Richie’

‘Ain’t Nobody Perfect’

‘The Zealot’s Blindfold’

‘Sleeping Sicarii’

‘Judas, Our Brother’

‘St. Peter’

‘Forgetting Is Forgiving the I’

‘The World as a Stage’

‘Sins of he Father’

‘… And Their Consequence’

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