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ALBUM REVIEW : Nai Harvest – ‘Hairball’

Nai Harvest new LP 'Hairball'

Re-invention.  Every band goes through it at some point of their career. Surprisingly ‘Nai Harvest’ have decided to visit this route on only their second LP and the results produce mixed results.

I for one quite liked the band’s debut LP ‘Whatever’. Sure, it wasn’t particularly original but there were definite moments of nice structured indie-rock to sink ones teeth into. Fast forward to LP number two ‘Hairball’ and the slate has been completely wiped clean. A new frenetic sound has replaced the altogether slower paced debut.

‘Hairball’ is an exhausting homage to all things garage-rock. It’s a relentless 36 minutes that barely leaves you time to reminisce about the band’s debut. The sing-a-long choruses of ‘Whatever’ have been replaced by ripped vocals, frenzied drumming and distorted guitars. That’s not to say that this re-incarnation is not welcomed. Certainly there is a freshness to proceedings and the new sound gives the band an identity they would not have achieved if they’d released a carbon copy of LP number one.

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And there are some impressive tracks on show as well. ‘All The Time’, ‘Drinking Bleach’ and the likable ‘Melanie’ all contain the type of melody and chorus one would look out for at festivals and gigs. These are clearly the tracks that will help define the group’s future sound.

However, (of course there’s an however) what lets the album down is just its overall similarity from beginning to end. The fast faced proceedings work for a couple of listens but it eventually becomes quite stale. The resemblance becomes quite obvious and only the aforementioned tracks break the monotony.

There is certainly more to come from ‘Nai Harvest’. For the time being though this LP feels like a case of future proofing.

‘Hairball’ is out on the 27th April 2015, via Topshelf Records.

The full track-listing for ‘Hairball’ is as follows…

‘All the Time’


‘Dive In’

‘Drinking Bleach’

‘Gimme Gimme’



‘Ocean of Madness’

‘Sick on My Heart’


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Nai Harvest - 'Hairball'